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Friday, December 21, 2012



Christmas – The unseen blessings

For many of us, the holidays are a time of insanity and trying to create the perfect holiday presentation. In all the hubbub and glitter, I think we often forget that Christmas isn't about the perfect placement of the cutlery, but rather, the placement of family.

Christmas, for me is about family, about celebrating with my son the wonders of the seasons. The driving around for hours, burning gas, drinking icy cold hot chocolate just to see the brilliant displays of lights. We get such a kick out of seeing the houses decorated, spending family time together, and knowing that's what the meaning of the holiday is.

It's not so much about who gets the best gift, or who can spend the most amount of money. Rather, for us it's about making sure that the ones who are closest to us understand and know that they're the best gifts we've ever gotten. Miracles are something that we often overlook because we're expecting something big, some glamorous display of magic with little thought to reality. Once a year we all get a chance to be reminded, the biggest miracle in our lives isn't the mansion we live in, or the diamonds on our fingers, or even the two vehicles in the driveway...but rather it's the children who run up and give us a hug. It's the smell of baking turkey and shortbread. It's knowing no matter what, we have gifts that have been bestowed upon us which can't be replaced by a trip to the store.

There are no warranties, no return policies, no instructions that come with the blessings and miracles we celebrate with the coming of the Christmas holidays. Instead, we have to look inward, to our faith, our hearts and find the true joy of our blessings.

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Mountain Laurel said...
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Mountain Laurel said...

Thank for sharing your memories of Christmas is for family! Looking forward to reading your books and I Hope you have a wonderful Holiday!!!

Debby said...

I agree with you. The best part of Christmas is sharing it with your family.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Na said...

I love spending Christmas with my family. They are the people who make me enjoy the holidays. I'm grateful to laugh and enjoy their company.


An Open Book said...

Yes, family is so important. Memories are made, laughs are shared and I love having all my kids and two grandkids together

dawne dot