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Tuesday, December 18, 2012



Just a Little Christmas Crazy

Celebrating Christmas has always been a big deal in my family. We were that family that went to three or four different tree lots to find just the perfect tree. When I was a teenager, this was kind of a pain and soooo embarrassing. But we did always get a beautiful tree. And made some great memories. I grew up in Las Vegas, so white Christmases weren't really in the plan. That didn't stop me from wishing for one every year. And one year, while I was in high school, would you believe it actually snowed in Las Vegas on Christmas day! This is why I still believe in Santa Claus *g*

We decorated, we sang songs, we wrapped presents, we baked like there was no tomorrow--I had to start giving food as gifts because I liked to bake so much we ended up with way too many sweets in a house of frequent dieters! And we watched holiday movies. Though there's debate about this, I still hold that Die Hard is a great Christmas movie! One of my favorites. Unconventionally, we rarely watched It's a Wonderful Life or A Christmas Story, but we did watched multiple version of A Christmas Carol. There's a version called Scrooge, staring Albert Finney as Scrooge, which is a musical and probably the favorite version for me, my mom and my sister (outside of maybe A Muppets' Christmas Carol). We watched that movie often during the season, singing along like mad things. It was great fun! I still watch it every year, usually more than once.

And it was that very movie that eventually led to the idea behind my holiday release, CHRISTMAS PRESENT. I can't even tell you the entire progression of thinking that led to the plot of the novella, but it started while I was watching Scrooge, and the germ of the idea arose from the thought, "What would happen if one of those ghosts fell in love?" Through much mulling, that did eventually lead me around to writing CHRISTMAS PRESENT.

I still decorate, sing, and bake like mad this time of year, even though I'm usually a lot busier with work things than I was, obviously, as a kid. Second only to Halloween, this is my favorite time of year. So like my heroine in CHRISTMAS PRESENT, and my family before that, I thoroughly enjoy the season. Now I need to get back to baking. But before I go, does anyone else agree Die Hard is a Christmas movie? *g*

Happy Holidays, Happy Winter, Enjoy the Season, and Read some Good Books!

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Debby said...

Happy Holidays to you as well. I love this season and try very hard to have a nice celebrations for the family.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Mountain Laurel said...

I love the holidays also...even picking out the tree! Thank you for sharing your memories with us!

Na said...

Christmas is a lot of fun for my family too. It's more than just one day but a week full of songs and movies and great foods.


Isabo Kelly said...

Congratulations to Debby for winning the prize on this post! Look out for my email, Debby, with the details.

Thanks to those of you who commented. And I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!