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Tuesday, December 18, 2012



It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

No matter how old I get I still get excited. For different reasons than when I was a child, but still the excitement settles deep.

I love everything about it. The carols, the lights, the baked goods, but most especially, how everyone seems just a bit more patient. Friendly even.

While I'll mention to check out or follow me for release updates ...I want more than anything for this to be a fun

That's right. Let's pay it forward.

Money is tight, times are stressful, but you know that feeling you get when you read about a miracle? Or when some mysterious stranger does a random act of kindness?

Let's all make a pact to do one random something this season that helps a stranger. Anything.
Just something.

Maybe help out at your local food bank, or sending even $5.00 to Red Cross to help Super storm Sandy victims. Maybe it's helping out for an afternoon at your local animal shelter.

One thing I've done in the past and always feels fantastic AND is true fun... stopping in for a visit to a retirement home. So many elderly are placed in homes then forgotten. All they have done, and there they sit,

Call the manager, let them know you'd like to plan a visit. Take a platter of cookies, your kids, the neighborhood kids and sing carols. Or simply mingle taking time to chat with each.

Have you done something like this in the past? Perhaps have something already arranged this year? Or maybe someone did something for you that you NEVER forgot. A stranger you never got to thank.

Here's your chance. Two Winners Announced
Prize:Two Stuffed Stockings! (Author Swag, Holiday Jewelry, Candy & a Florida Lottery Ticket)
** Due to the lottery tickets winners MUST be 18 years of age to claim prize **

How to Enter?

Simply tell me what you've done in the past or might be planning to do this year in 'Paying it forward' OR take this moment, to thank the person/stranger who helped you!

Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays to ALL!

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Mary Hughes said...

What a lovely thing to write about! It reminded me I have a check that has to go to the food bank...but what I wanted to tell you about was an offhand thing we did that generated the nicest note ever. It made me feel so good I have to share it.

We moved into a new neighborhood last year, and was surprised how windy it was. Not just paper blowing down the street but bigger things...well, a few weeks ago we discovered a cushion, the boat seat flotation or outdoor furniture kind, in our yard. We were in a hurry to get somewhere, so we put it on our porch and hoped its owners would see it.

But when we got back, it was still there--and a matching cushion had blown into our yard (it was a VERY windy day).

So we tied both cushions to our signpost in the front yard and waited for the owners to claim them. The cushions stayed there for a week, then one day, were gone. I didn't think anything more of it.

Until a card came yesterday in the mail...a very sweet card thanking us for being such nice neighbors! It still brings a smile to my lips. We did an offhand thing, but it touched an unknownn person--now a wonderful neighbor to us.

Pay it forward is a great idea! I'm here to say it doesn't have to be a big thing to make a big impact.

Bobbi Romans said...

How wonderful Mary! Oh I love it.

I know I would have appreciated it immensely.

Just taking a moment to help another can be such a blessing.


Bobbi Romans said...

By the way I forgot to leave the FB and Twitter Links.


Here they are;



Would love to see and make some new friends.

Again, Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season.

Ingeborg said...

I have a neighbor who is 94 years old. My husband and I go to visit her all the time because I think she gets lonely. She never had and children. We do little things to help her like rake up her leaves and when we go to the store we ask her if she needs anything. The little things we do makes me feel good.

Bobbi Romans said...

That is truly wonderful Ingebord. I've seen so often the elderly get utterly forgotten. It breaks my heart.

Also makes me terrified of getting older.

Kuddos, to you and your husband for taking the time to show a little love.



Bobbi Romans said...

That is truly wonderful Ingebord. I've seen so often the elderly get utterly forgotten. It breaks my heart.

Also makes me terrified of getting older.

Kuddos, to you and your husband for taking the time to show a little love.



Mountain Laurel said...

We always try to find a good event in our family to "Pay-it-forward" every Holiday Season whether it be making gifts and taking the kids from our church to the nursing homes and delivering them, or volunteering to help with the soup kitchen and Salvation Army. This year we in our family have done a couple things, but one was collecting slightly used toys, restoring any we can to new condition and we give these to kids in families who need help during the holidays. This is always a fun project and it gets everyone in our family involved as well. Thanks for sharing!!!

Bobbi Romans said...

Now that's a nifty idea as well. Repairing/refreshing toys to drop off.

Again, another fantastic idea that doesn't require a lot to help give someone a magical holiday.

Also--what a wonderful family memory to pass down.

Thanks for sharing.


Debby said...

I am going to thank all my fellow teachers for all they do.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Nightingale said...

The moment I decorate the Christmas tree, I'm like the child wishing a pony was tied to the tree outside. Can't wait for the release of Swamp Magic! I hear big things are coming down the pike for you. Happy Holidays everyone

sexynikki12 said...

Hi everyone!!! I thank God every day for my family and friends and life itself. I pay it forward every month by donating to a charity. If I can help a little it make me happy.

sexynikki12 said...


Bobbi Romans said...

@Debby-- Excellent idea. I'm sure that would make their day!

@Linda- Love, love, love doing the tree up!

@Nikki- That's wonderful. A little on a constant basis can truly make miracles happen. Lord knows--we need more of them.

Yes, happy holidays to all.

Na said...

My family like to doante to the food bank because foiod is so important and so easy to give. Also, unwrapped Christmas presents. My community always have so many wonderful drives.


Bobbi Romans said...


Debby and Na!

Congratulations. Sorry for the delay. I'll be emailing you both shortly.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Bobbi Romans