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Tuesday, December 18, 2012



New Year’s (Not) Resolutions

Recently I discovered a “To Do” list I made dated November 17, 2011. There were nine items on the list, all of them having to do with writing. Finishing things for my web site, completing manuscripts, formatting and uploading manuscripts for eBook or print versions or sending them to my editor.

I had forgotten I’d even made this list. But in looking it over, I realize it took me almost a year, but I’d completed everything on the list. It’s time, then, to make a new list.

If you’re like me, perhaps you’ve stopped making New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve come across of a few of those past lists and wondered why I bothered. There were so many things on them I didn’t do, so contrary to my nature and ingrained habits were they. Yet, I never want to stop improving and accomplishing.

This year I’ve decided I’ll make a “To Do” list dated January 1, 2013. In my mind there’s a difference between a list and a resolution. A resolution means I must do it and if I don’t I’ve failed. A list means I’ll keep working toward completion and eventually I’ll get it done. Maybe it seems silly, but it works for me: My New Year’s Resolutions always seemed doomed to fail, but my lists result in accomplishment. Because I’m a writer, the way things are stated and the language used is important to me. Resolution = increased chance of failure. List = chance of success given enough time.

Just writing a list increases your chance of success, even if you lose the list or forget what’s on it. My lists consist of things I want to accomplish and know I can complete. The goals are realistic.

My lists don’t have deadlines, but I love coming across them even when I’ve forgotten I made them and discovering how many of the items I accomplished. I love crossing the things off the list upon completion. Accomplishment = success!

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Mountain Laurel said...

I am huge fan of the "To-Do-List"! LOL I make them all the time! Think I might even turn my New Year's resolution list into a regular to "To-Do-List" this year also! Thanks for sharing!

Debby said...

My To-Do lists are always so short term. I think I am going to make a long term one.

Debby236 at gmail dot com

Na said...

I like to make lists. I don't always meet them all but they do keep me motivated.