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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Blogfest Brenda Gayle


Brenda Gayle

I have a confession to make: Fall is my favorite time of year. That may sound like a pretty tame admission, but I expect almost everyone that knows me would be astounded to hear it. To them, I am known as a lover of the heat—sunshine and hot, humid days are what I prefer, it’s true.

I live in Ottawa, Canada, where winter seems to last nine months of the year. The only warm weather we can expect is in the months of June, July and August, and even then it’s not always a guarantee. As a result, I spent much of the year wrapped in a blanket beside a roaring fire and dreaming of long sultry summer days. I think about the pool parties and barbeques, the long evening walks, and the possible spontaneity if I don’t have to don ten layers of clothing just to leave the house.

But there’s something anti-climactic about summer when it finally arrives; it never quite lives up to expectations. The kids aren’t in school and they have their own plans. Bedtimes and mealtimes are irregular, and the long-awaited vacation is hectic and rushed. So it is with tremendous relief that when September arrives, routine returns, and activities and friendships that were suspended over the summer are resumed and renewed.

There is something pure in the crisp autumn air that revives my spirit. There is beauty in the reds and golds of the changing leaves that speaks to my soul. It is a time of reflection, of giving thanks, and realigning priorities. A part of me knows that fall is the harbinger of winter—that in a few short weeks I will be lamenting the cold and wishing for summer again—but for now, I am enraptured by the splendor of the season. Each glorious day is a gift—one more day winter has been held at bay.

My intense dislike of the cold may be one of the reasons I choose to set my books in warmer climates. If it’s 10 degrees F outside, it’s so much nicer to spend my time writing scenes where the hero and heroine are in a tropical climate (SOLDIER FOR LOVE) or a desert one (THE HUNGRY HEART). I’m not saying I’d never write a book that takes place in a cold setting. There could be a story where it’s crucial that the characters suffer the torment of an Ottawa winter. Then again, maybe Hell will freeze over, too.

What about you? Do you have a favorite season? Does your love/hate of the heat/cold affect your life to the same degree as they do mine? One commenter will receive a free digital download of my new contemporary romance, THE HUNGRY HEART, which is set in balmy Santa Fe, New Mexico.

About the Author:
Brenda Gayle has been a writer all her life, but returned to her love of writing fiction after more than 20 years in the world of corporate communication—although some might argue there was plenty of opportunity for fiction-writing there, too. She has a master’s degree in journalism and an undergraduate degree in psychology. A fan of many genres, she is drawn to contemporary romance and enjoys writing deeply emotional stories with elements of mystery and suspense. Brenda lives in eastern Ontario with her wonderful husband, two fabulous children, a rescued cat, two Siberian Huskies (who love winter, of course), and assorted aquatic wildlife.

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Jean MP said...

I definitely prefer the cooler temps. I look forward to fall, I would be happy if fall stayed and winter didn't come!
skpetal at hotmail dot com

LisaRayns said...

My favorite season is fall or spring. I don't like the extreme temps in winter and summer but I love the rain of spring. The Hungry Heart looks so good!
lisarayns at gmail dot com

Debby said...

I love spring. It is a time of rebirth and colors reappearing.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Brenda Gayle said...

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your comments. My husband is a huge fan of winter. Needless to say, planning vacations is a little difficult. He wants to go winter camping, I'd rather go south. Still, it would be a boring world if we all liked the same things.

Brenda Gayle said...

Congratulations Lisa Rayns who was randomly selected from the commenters to win a free digital download of The Hungry Heart. The temperature here dropped to 45F last night and there's definitely the feeling of snow in the air. I guess Fall is over. Stay warm.