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Monday, November 19, 2012



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Full of Surprises

With the prevalent use of social media, it sometimes feels like we know everything there is to know about people. Sometimes more than we want to know. When I was invited to come on the blog today to promote Untamed, I was asked to come up with a list of ten things about myself that might surprise people. To be very honest, with all the blogging I’ve done over the past couple of years I worried that perhaps I’d spilled all the beans and had nothing left to say.

Nope. There’s more. Some I can’t share but some I can. So here are ten things about me that may surprise you.

1. I may be over forty but I still like a good peanut butter & fluff sandwich. So naughty and bad for me but soooooo good.

2. I can do a split.

3. I HATE getting pedicures. Love the outcome but hate the process. While getting a pedicure I squirm in the chair like I have ants in my pats once they start filing my toenails.

4. I can roll my tongue.

5. I love karaoke. My favorite songs to sing are I Will Survive, Proud Mary and Redneck Woman.

6. I can recite every line from Aliens as the movie is playing.

7. I’ve tried Botox but didn’t like the way it froze my eyebrows.

8. I misbehaved in public high school so my parents shipped me off to boarding school—Convent of the Sacred Heart. (I hated them for it at the time but it was the best thing they did for me. Thanks a bunch, Mom & Dad!)

9. I won acting awards in college every year.

10. In high school my bedroom was plastered with pictures of Bruce Willis and I never missed an episode of Moonlighting. (Best. Show. Ever.)

About the Author:
Sara Humphreys has been attracted to the fantasies of science fiction, paranormal, and romance since her adolescence when she had a mad crush on Captain Kirk. An actress and public speaker, Sara lives in Bronxville, NY, with her husband, who is very considerate of her double life, and four amazing boys. For more information about her books and to join her street team, please visit or follow her on Twitter, @AuthorSara.


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Layla Nickelsen has spent years hiding from her Amoveo mate and guarding a devastating secret. But Layla's worst fear is realized when the man who haunts her dreams shows up in person ...


William Fleury is as stoic as they come, until he finds Layla and his feelings overwhelm him. She won't let him get close, but then an unknown enemy erupts in violence and threatens everything Layla holds dear...

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“The characters haunted my dreams...I thought about this book constantly.” —Long and Short Reviews

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“Fast-paced paranormal romance with fantastic world-building.” —The Book Girl


Debby said...

Parents often do things that make their kids unhappy but later appreciate. I know I have done some.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Elizabeth H. said...

OMG!!! Moonlighting?? I know many people were sad when that show went off the air. But Bruce Willis is still yummy! Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win your lovely book!!
ehaney578 at aol dot com

leann said...

I'd love to win a copy of this bok (or any in the series). Happy Holidays! This series rock! Leann

Sara Humphreys said...

Debby--Now that I'm a parent, I've had to make those tough calls. I'm glad I learned this stuff from my own parents.

Sara Humphreys said...

Elizabeth--I was totally hooked on that show and BW is hot with our without hair.

Sara Humphreys said...

Leann--Thanks for coming by and I'm so glad you're enjoying the series.

Na said...

I also enjoy a good old peanut butter and jelly sandwich! I enjoy your books :) Congrats on your latest release.


June M. said...

My parents used to threaten to send me to live with my grandparents....which would have totally worked to keep me out of any trouble :) Btw, I can role my tongie too.
manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

winnie said...

Thanks for sharing, Sara! I can relate to a couple of things: #4 and #5, and wish I could do #2!