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Thursday, November 15, 2012



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Question: Other than family, what is something you absolutely can’t live without?

Ha, I'm glad you said 'other than family' as they're already completely bored with being read about. My children must hold the world record for being underwhelmed at the idea of having yet more books dedicated to them...ungrateful, that's what they are!

And the answer to your question as to what I couldn't possibly live without has to be the internet. Does everyone say that? Surely they must. But it's just so brilliant, isn't it? And that means books are included because they're part of it too. I'm just amazed when I think what my world used to be like, pre-computers. Now I just spend my whole day on them. I may still write all my books by hand, with a fountain pen, but absolutely everything else happens via my lovely iPad.

I chat to my writer friends throughout the day on Twitter. I watch TV shows. I look up every single thing I need to know....ooh, that actor in that film, what's his name? That's one of those mysteries that used to keep me occupied for hours as my brain struggled to work out what he'd been in before, who with, and who they were. Now, in a matter of seconds, IMDB has told me everything I could possibly need to know about them and more.

My daughter has been in Europe this last week and we've been able to keep in touch in a way that was unimaginable a decade ago. And last night as she was flying home I was tracking her plane in real time as it flew over Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany...honestly, it's just mind-blowing.

I dug out one of my old photo albums the other week. All the photos were turning yellow and a bit faded with age, and falling out from between the transparent sheets holding them to the pages. So I photographed each of the photos of me and my friends back when we were young and single, and posted them on Facebook. Within minutes, I was being contacted by people I hadn't seen in so long, recognising themselves and others. It was brilliant, and now they're doing it too, so we're all seeing photos of ourselves thinner and less wrinkled than we are now!

The only drawback of all this amazing technology is the way it makes writing plots for novels harder. In A Walk in the Park, Lara is delving into the past in order to uncover long lost family secrets and it's a difficult, time-consuming thing to do. But nowadays it's all so easy! Click a couple of buttons and they you are, bam, mysteries all solved! There's no tension, no anxiety, no worrying that the answers will stay hidden, because they're all there, just waiting to be uncovered...

Isn't it a clever world we live in? And the very best bit of all is being able to chat to readers. Wherever they are, they can contact me at the click of a mouse. So if you enjoy my work, please do let me know! I'm @JillMansellon Twitter and I'd love to hear from you...I'm the queen of procrastination and anything's better than having to get on with writing my books!

About the Author:
A New York Times, USA Today and international bestseller, Jill Mansell has written over 20 funny, romantic novels, and has sold millions of books around the world. Jill lives with her family in Bristol, England. For more information, please visit or follow her on Twitter: @JillMansell.


No one could have planned for this...

Lara Carson left her family and boyfriend Flynn eighteen years ago without a word to anyone. Why has no one heard from her since? Does it mean anything that she's suddenly reappeared in Bath just in time for her ex–best friend Evie's wedding? And what about Flynn? Even the most eagle–eyed observer can't tell whether he's happy to see her, or just stunned.

While secrets pile up on secrets, and the gossip mill wings into high gear, the brand–new life Lara's searching for becomes ever more elusive. There's a lot of catching up for everyone to do, and Lara's return is going to be anything but a walk in the park.

Praise for Jill Mansell:

“Bestselling Brit Mansell delivers a romantic and lighthearted story about a woman's struggle to overcome grief—and the quirky people who help her along the way… Enjoy feeling warm and fuzzy.” —Publishers Weekly

“Mansell crafts a lovely story with multiple plotlines, characters and love interests.”—USA Today

“A master storyteller who creates characters with unique personalities that captivate the reader’s imagination and heart.”—Long and Short Reviews

“Exquisitely told... Compelling. The book was irresistible.” —Fresh Fiction


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Aside from my family, I would want my books. Internet is too dependent.
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Sounds like a great read.


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My health which I would need healthy food, and an optimistic attitude to have. That's what gives me motivation to live life to the fullest.


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