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Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Blogfest Sandra Jones


Real Life Ghost Stories

One of my favorite settings is Wales because it’s arguably one of the most haunted countries in the world. The Welsh are famous for their castles, witches, and superstitions, so naturally these things figure prominently in my latest historical/time-travel romance MOONLIGHT MADNESS.

One of the most famous ghost tales of Welsh lore is of the Skeleton Bride. Legend has it that in the valley of Gwynedd, a young girl was to be married. She foolishly hid in the trunk of an old tree to surprise her groom. But she got trapped there, and no one could find her. She eventually starved to death, and her husband went mad with grief for missing her. Several years later, lightning struck the tree, splitting it open and revealing her corpse. The bridegroom died from the shock of seeing his “lovely” bride again. Their ghosts are often seen in the valley as a bride and groom holding hands.

I’m giving away a print copy of my historical romance WISH FOR THE MOON, to one commenter in honor of the Halloween Blogfest and the October Kindle release of MOONLIGHT MADNESS.

MOONLIGHT MADNESS—available NOW for Kindle, coming January 18 for other formats.

While visiting Wales, Rance Kingsley, Viscount Waldenham, receives a warning that his daughter will soon be kidnapped by Spanish enemies. Before he can aid her, Rance tumbles into a mysterious portal to the future. His only hope is to find his soulmate, the key to returning. However his curse continues when all signs point to Tess Hartman, a straight-laced teacher, as his match. After a cheating boyfriend, the only male Tess wants in her life is Dante, a troubled teen she would like to adopt. To bond with the boy, Tess brings him on a class field trip to Britain. But the Shakespeare experience becomes too real when sexy, eccentric Rance seduces her. When Tess falls for Rance's kisses and travels with him across four centuries, she's convinced he's made a mistake. How could she love a man who deceived her, separating her from everything she cares about, a man with MOONLIGHT MADNESS?
About the author: Sandra Jones is the author of sensual historical romances for Avon Impulse and The Wild Rose Press. She’s worked as a bookseller and a librarian, where she indulged in her love of old books. When not researching or writing, she enjoys being with family, reading, and watching British TV. A self-proclaimed history geek, she currently lives in a 1905 Greek revival home in the Mississippi Delta. Sandra loves to hear from her readers: visit her website


Debby said...

We visited Conwy Castle in Wales and they told tales of ghosts as well.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Sandra said...

Thanks for sharing, Debby. Conwy looks amazing.

Jean MP said...

It is always so interesting reading about ghost tales. Thanks for the post.
skpetal at hotmail dot com

Sandra said...

Thanks, Jean. Glad you liked it.

Sandra said...
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wanda f said...

Wish For The Moon is one of my most wanted books and I just added
MOONLIGHT MADNESS to it too.These sound great.Have wonderful week

Sandra said...

Oh, thanks, Wanda! Best wishes!