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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Blogfest: Melissa Lynne Blue


True Ghost Stories…

Halloween… the time of year when EVERYONE wants to be scared and encounter the paranormal. Or at least they think they do…


In addition to writing I am a nurse and work a lot of nightshifts so needless to say I have experienced some pretty weird, unexplainable things from the tingling rush over my skin while in a room with a dying patient to a full bodied apparition…once. However my openness to the paranormal didn’t come about after going to work in the hospital, but when I was about thirteen years old.

I have never been a full on skeptic but I do need to see tangible proof before I will believe something. So when we moved into a beautiful pre-Victorian house—my honest to God dream house—the Autumn I began the 7th grade it is safe to say that I did not believe in ghosts. Built in the 1840’s the house was beautiful… Tall and white with an ornate widow’s watch at the roof’s peak and a stone wrap around porch. It was one of the most talked about houses in our small town and had served many purposes over the years from family home to an Underground Railroad station to a jewelry shop. The house was situated across the street from the county courthouse which had a bell that rang the hour and then once at the half hour. One might expect that a bell ringing across the street from your house ever thirty minutes would be annoying, but it didn’t take long to tune it out and after a while I scarcely heard it.

One night when I was thirteen I went to bed and fell asleep facing the wall. I woke in the middle of the night and laid there staring at my wall for some time unable to fall back to sleep. The courthouse bell rang one time and I rolled over to check the clock and see what time it actually was (one o’clock AM or a half hour). My eyes never met the clock! Standing in my open doorway was a man. At first there was nothing disconcerting about it. It felt like when my parents would come around at night and check on the kids before bed. I even said, “Dad?” aloud. It took only a moment for me to realize that the figure in my door was not my father. This figure was very tall with broad shoulders that took up the entire doorway (my own father is much more slight of build), and wore a brimmed hat and a long coat. There was light coming in from the hallway but no discernible features could be seen on the figure and he appeared to be a three dimensional shadow. I quickly rolled back over and buried my head under the pillow! Every night there after I slept with my head under the pillow and my door closed—admittedly I still do if my husband is not at home!

Years later my mom and I had a weird experience at a Montana ghost town and I told her of my experience years before in our old house. To my utter shock she knew exactly who/what I was talking about! Apparently she had seen the same ghost on many occasions moving through the upstairs checking on all the children in the middle of the night…

Being open about the weird and unexplained is something I’ve come to incorporate in my writing—particularly my Civil War, Langston Brothers series. I believe it makes for a more complex story even if a book is not classified as paranormal.

Thank you for visiting LASR today! I’d love to hear some of your ghost stories and please comment if you’d like to be entered to win a Kindle or Nook copy of my Civil War Time Travel Romance EDGE OF TIME.

Langston Brothers Series Book 1

Jilted by her fiancé, Marissa is done with men until fate steps in and she finds that Craig Langston may be more man than she can resist.

Marissa is a high energy independent career woman of the 21st century who finds herself on a collision course with destiny when she is thrown 144 years into the past. Confederate Officer Dr. Craig Langston is an enticing man that any woman would long to fall in love with, and now Marissa is torn between rampant desire, for the man ignites her very soul, and a longing to return home.

Can she find it within herself to embrace a new life in the arms of her Confederate officer or will more sinister forces intervene before she can discover what may be the greatest love of all time?

Langston Brothers Series Book 2

When murder suspect Cadence Jamison disguises herself as a boy and stows aboard the Heavenly Mistress Captain Curtis Langston may find his two past occasions for rescuing her more than he bargained for.

Bitter and Cynical after service in the Confederate Army, Curtis believes himself no more deserving of another’s love than capable of returning it. Content to drift through life free of emotional and therefore romantic complications the once carefree and mischievous rogue may be forever gone. But when Cadence appears in his life Curtis finds himself smiling again, smiling and dreaming and feeling more like himself than he has in five years. Drawn with almost unnatural force to the sweet and innocent goodness Cadence offers, Curtis blunders again and again to resist the pull of what a life with her could be.

Can Cadence show this wounded soul how to love again? Or is he doomed to be forever unforgiven, haunted by the ghosts of his past?
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About the Author:
Registered Nurse by night, Melissa battles the stresses of life and illness by enjoying uplifting tales of love and romance. A firm believer in true love united with an enduring fascination with history has prompted her pursuit of romance writing. She lives in beautiful Big Sky Country Montana with her husband and children.


Sharon Rudolph said...

What a strange experience you had, especially since your mom had the same experience. At least you know now, he was just making sure everyone was okay.

I have never had any experiences of the paranormal, but they do interest me.

I would love to entered in your contest!! I loved Edge of Time!

Andreina Canache said...

Hi Melissa !!!
I'm a big fan of your books, BTW I loooooved The Langston brothers series so far, I would love to enter in your contest!!! Byeeeee

Vera (Βέρα) said...

Ah yes - as the previous fan stated, I too LOVED the Langston brothers. :) What's not to love? And thanx for the contest, too. Always welcome. Wishing you everlasting inspiration, have a great day, Vera.

Vera (Βέρα) said...

Ah yes - as the previous fan stated, I too LOVED the Langston brothers. :) What's not to love? And thanx for the contest, too. Always welcome. Wishing you everlasting inspiration, have a great day, Vera.

Sarah said...

Wow, thats crazy. You both had experiences with this "ghost". I loved Edge Of Time. And I would love to win a copy. Thanks, Sarah

Debby said...

I would love to visit a ghost town. I think it would be fascinating.
debby236 at gmail dot com

wanda f said...

Hi you are a new to me author your books sounds great .Have a fantastic week

Jean MP said...

That was very interesting the experience you had. Your books sound fantastic, I am going to be checking them out.
skpetal at hotmail to com