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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Blogfest: Kallie Lane


The Story of Charley...
I’d like to thank Long and Short Reviews for inviting me to blog today…and share my real life ghost story. Trust me when I say I’m a sane individual, although what I’m about to tell you may seem hard to believe.

It’s been years since we bought our island retreat, and when people arrive who have been there before, they will ask in a whisper—by daylight, of course—“Is Charley here?” The answer is always yes. Our resident ghost never goes far. Well, except to the boat landing to wreck distributor caps or flatten tires on our guests’ vehicles. Yep, he wants them to stay for another few days…if he likes them. (The cottage has boat access only and cars are parked at the opposite end of the lake, several kilometers away.)

We’re very respectful of Charley, because while he’s a prankster, he can also be mean. Believe me, there’s nothing like buying a house haunted by a spirit who isn’t in the market for new owners. In fact, he made our lives miserable at first. Romance was out of the question, let alone sleep. I remember the night he held my husband down in our bed. All he said was —“Take care of this place!”—and he let him go, until the next time. And ours isn’t the only romance he put the boots to. One couple visiting us had the gaslights explode in their bedroom at a really inopportune moment. A very strange occurrence, considering the lights weren’t turned on and the globes were ice cold. Thankfully no one was hurt.

Another couple had their room invaded by thousands of ants. Ugh, I remember that night. It took us hours and hours with an industrial shop vac, the generator running, and cans of bug killer to get rid of them. This has only happened once, thank God, and I blame it entirely on Charley.

Did I mention the Big Chill weekend? Couples were swimming in the lake, and a designated few were on the dock that evening on lifeguard duty. It was the pics taken that blew us away. After the films were developed, there were shots of a man standing in our group on the dock. A person no one recognized or remembered seeing at our isolated cabin, out in the middle of nowhere. I believe the stranger was you-know-who, although there’s no proof of that.

Is Charley still with us? He certainly is. How do I know? His silhouette appears behind me when I’m washing the dishes—I see his reflection in the polished pine cabinets. He’s much taller than I, his shadow cast by the gaslight sconce behind me, and always when I’m alone. I’ve also seen his wet footprints suddenly appear on the dock. I feel the pier vibrate as if someone’s coming, but I’m by myself. And he loves to walk through me when I least expect it, usually when I’m vacuuming. It’s like passing through a deep freeze and coming out the other side. I can see my breath. Sometimes I’ll tease him, tell him I don’t believe he’s there anymore. Then I’ll hear something break, a lamp tip over, or he’ll slam me in the butt with the boathouse door, a door that’s bolted open so it can’t bang in the wind.

Friends and family have seen him floating down the hallway at night, or peering at them when they startle awake from a deep sleep.

Have we asked Charley to move along on his spiritual journey? We have, many times, but he doesn’t seem inclined to leave. However he has made peace with us, and we with him. He was a decorated war hero, and I believe our cabin in the woods is where he found solace while he was alive. I’m told he built it as a private hunting lodge, and he has roots here. Perhaps that’s why he is reluctant to go.

By the way, the cottage appears as Melena Salera’s inherited cabin in Dark Abandon. Charley, however, doesn’t materialize in the book as it is romantic suspense, and not a paranormal. Besides, I don’t think he’d enjoy the notoriety, and I don’t want to upset him.

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About the Author:
Growing up with two brothers and raising two sons, Kallie Lane understands the rough edges of alpha males, and loves to write about them. She excels at hard hitting action and complex relationships as her Shadow Soldiers move from the battlefield in search of the right women and relatively normal lives. At least—what’s normal for them. Kallie keeps herself grounded by also working in the biotech industry. Living in Canada with her family and a robust collection of dogs and cats, you will usually find her with a book in her hand, that’s if she’s not at her computer writing one, or dream plotting her next romantic suspense novel.


Mountain Laurel said...

I am assuming Charley wants to stay there!
Loved your story about your personal haunted house and glad you guys can co-exist with your resident ghost! Thanks for sharing!

Kallie Lane said...

Thanks for stopping by, and you're right, I don't think Charley has any plans to leave!

Debby said...

Amazing story. I have never experienced anything like that.
debby236 at gmail dot com

wanda f said...

Loved this post.Thank you for sharing with us .I cannot waitto read your books .Have a great week

Kallie Lane said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by, and watch out for those ghosts and goblins tonight!

Jean MP said...

That is amazing, Charley sounds like a very interesting ghost to live with.
skpetal at hotmail dot com

Kallie Lane said...

You're right, Jean. He's full of surprises, and not always the warm, fuzzy kind!