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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Blogfest: Cate Masters


Halloween magic!

I love reading about superstitions from olden times, don’t you? Most are spooky, but for many, the holiday was an opportunity to use the extra magic for something romantic – learning who your future mate would be!

One tradition held that if a young woman ate a sugary concoction made out of walnuts, hazelnuts and nutmeg before bed on Halloween night, she would dream about her future husband.

Here’s an old party trick: young women tossed apple-peels over their shoulders, hoping that the peels would fall on the floor in the shape of their future husbands' initials.

Or later, they stood in front of mirrors in darkened rooms, holding candles and looking over their shoulders for their husbands' faces.

Single girls scattered hempseed in a field on Halloween night so they would dream of their future husbands.

Putting fresh rosemary and a silver coin under your pillow on Halloween would allow a girl to see her future husband in a dream that night.

If a girl carried a lamp to a spring of water on this night, she’d see her future husband in the reflection.

Seems like a lot of guesswork to me! Wouldn’t it be easier to spend the time at a gathering getting to know the people who interested you?

In my paranormal romance, The Magic of Lavender, that’s what Joss Gibson does. It still takes a little help from the fae to open her eyes to her future love, Eric Hendricks!

The Magic of Lavender is available at Smashwords and Amazon

Jocelyn Gibson forgot about the realm of magic. But it never forgot her. Gram always told her: don’t ignore your magical gifts, it will insult the family. But Joss didn’t realize her gifts included channeling the energy of powerful ley lines. Or that her family included a goddess. Family connections come in handy when the Lord of the Underworld kidnaps local vet Eric Hendricks. He’s an amazing lover, but Joss didn’t know she loved him until too late. With a little help from the Goddess Iris, Joss defends the new life she’s forged, and helps save the town of Boiling Springs from destruction. Once Eric escapes Hell, can she stop loving him to keep him safe?

The Magic of Lavender is the first book in The Goddess Connection series, which says: Every woman should embrace her inner goddess. What’s your connection?


I’ll give away one ebook of The Magic of Lavender. Just leave a comment telling me what you love most about Halloween!

About the Author: Cate Masters loves romance with a dash of magic and mayhem! Multipublished in contemporary to historical, sweet to erotic, fantasy/dark fantasy to speculative, she sometimes mashes genres. When not spending time with her family, she can be found in her lair, concocting a magical brew of contemporary, historical, and fantasy/paranormal stories with her cat Chairman Maiow and dog Lily as company.

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Jean MP said...

It is always fascinating to hear about superstitions, the one with the apple peel was a new one to me.
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Debby said...

I love this stuff. It is so very interesting.
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