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Tuesday, September 4, 2012



Inspiration for Plots

At a recent interview I was asked if I had to cast my family as Greek gods in a story, what parts would they play. Instead of being the casting director, I asked my husband and kids what character they’d like to imitate.

I received a variety of answers from my clan and not all the choices were Greek. My other-half selected Samson, because he liked the idea of performing heroic deeds, unattainable by ordinary men, by God-given strength. Battling enemies, he saved thousands. This fits him very well as he is an ex-police chief.

My eldest son selected Helios, a handsome god capped with a shining crown of sun. Helios drove a chariot of sun fire across the sky, circling earth, returning to the East each night. His bright blond hair can be seen during his trip.

Brian, my youngest son, wanted to be an evil character (ah youth), but ultimately we agreed on Thor, god of thunder. Bri is upstanding guy and could be fearsome to enemies. He loves the idea of having a magical hammer and protecting the innocent.

And me, well I liked Athena, or Aphrodite, but I settled on one of the Valkyries of Norse mythology. I loved the idea of being a female warrior who selects from brave mortals to live in Valhalla. Visible only to men about to die fighting, a Valkyrie chooses wisely and then travels with the hero to Asgard.

From this one question I had the idea for a Valkyrie trilogy.

But what about the plot you say?

To answer I need to start with a bit of backstory…trust me it’ll tie in. ee Cummings was an inspiration to me during my undergraduate college years which is the reason I use lower case initials for my given name--jj. As you can tell I like to break the rules, but not everyone appreciates people who think outside the box. Inspiration for plot for The Valkyrie and the Marine, released on July 18, is plot driven. Kiara thinks outside the box, breaks the rules and defies the odds.

Kiara, Valkyrie of the First Squad, fell in love with one of the warriors she was instructed to secure for Odin’s army. She goes against orders and heals Harrison. However, she must deal with the consequences.

Despite having the angel of death straddling his junk, Harrison wanted to live and find the man who sabotaged their mission.

This story is all about defying the odds and with my past, it is right in line with my method of operation. How about you? Do you defy the odds and create your own box? Story line? Name?

jj Keller

Fantasies with spice and humor.


Firetulip said...

Great post, jj. And congrats on newest release, can't wait to read it. Living with tree boys sometimes I feel I'd like to be the notorious Medusa after I find a mess that I've just cleaned up. But for the most part, I'd choose ... can't decide, they all had flaws and big ones, too. As for breaking outside the box, yes I do try. But when I see what masses find attractive is the same old stuff with a variation. So this makes me wonder if the world is ready for something truly new. Or has everything been done and all that's left is recycled stuff?

Daisy Banks said...

Hi jj

I love the post and love the story too. You've created some powerful characters who make their choices and live the way they want to.
I thought your boys choices of identities were very interesting; a real reflection of personality as you describe it.
As for defying the odds, yes, in many ways I have, sometimes I've been successful other times not. All of us face odds of some kind in our lives; it is the human condition. To strive to overcome is part of our spirit; a noble quality recognized in all cultures. Your characters reflect that quality so well to the reader, and this is why I think they are so powerful.
I can't wait to read the sequel.
Daisy Banks

j j said...

Thank you, Firetulip! I love your name. I can see a tulip, sparkling crimson rising like a Phoenix.

Having raised boys, I understand the Medusa reference and I'm certain they'd claim I could create stautes by a simple narrowed stare.

I'm all for creating something new. Some "ideas" are time driven and can be morphed into something new, but you can't beat a fresh clever story. Thank you, I enjoyed your comment.

j j said...

Hi Daisy,
Thank you for stopping by. I, too, was interested in what the guys had chosen. And yes, their characters do reflect their personalities.
How do we mark our success? Is it fantastic reviews, top ten on the New York Times Best Sellers, or simply having a wonderful and sweet comment on an excellent review site?

Debby said...

Great post. I love the evolution of your idea.
debby236 at gmail dot com

j j said...

Thanks, Debby. It's wonderful to hear from you. Thank you for the comment.