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Tuesday, September 11, 2012




Before I decided to release my debut novel, I did a lot of research on traditional and self-publishing. My research took me through numerous books. I spoke with authors (self and traditionally published), editors, agents, publishers, distributors, printers, bookstores, marketing experts… Needless to say, I didn’t go into this publishing thing lightly.

I learned the business side of publishing the best I could and knew what to expect each step of the process of my self-publishing journey. Now don’t get me wrong. As I actually went through the process, there were areas that gave me pause, but nothing major. I am grateful to the people in the industry who beat it into my head to learn the business aspect of publishing along with the craft of writing.

Here comes the shady part, the part that lurks in the corner and is hard to see. Okay, it’s worse than hard; it’s impossible to see. What happens after your release? If you promote, your novel may or may not do well. As people read and enjoy or dislike your novel, they may or may not tell others, may or may not post reviews. If you’ve requested reviews, they may or may not review your title. If you spread the word to your family and friends, they may purchase your novel, ask you to send them free books and/or spread the word… So many unknowns to add to the equation.

So what to expect? I like knowing what to expect. I guess I’m a bit of a control freak. My research into publishing should give you a glimpse of just how much I like to know what to expect. So this waiting to see what will happen after the release has been… shall we say… exciting! Oh my goodness. Didn’t expect that, did yah? Seriously though, in life I have learned to prepare for what I can and do the best that I can with the rest that comes my way.

What does this life lesson have to do with my debut novel, You Are Mine? Expectations. The heroine in You Are Mine is hit with serious expectation shortfalls. The entire universe is different that she had “known.” How do you react when you don’t know what to expect?

Here’s a little about my debut Sci-Fi Romance novel, You Are Mine. I hope you enjoy and please spread the word about it.

In the hundreds of special assignments Erica Morgan has worked, there was nothing that prepared her for waking one morning on an alien spaceship. More surprisingly, her captor and adversary, the leader of this mission, is the one man who could make her want to leave her home planet and embrace a different life.

D’Jarus Commodore doesn’t want a wife, but his planet is slowly dying, and their salvation lies in the people of Earth. As leader of Darien, he chooses to make a sacrifice and be the first to marry a terran. His captive bride, Erica, is like no other being he has ever met. At first sight he knows he must have her, but for obvious reasons—he did kidnap her after all—she resists him every step of the way.

Buy links: Purchase the Print Version ($9.99) or the electronic version Nook, Kindle ($3.99)



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Ingeborg said...

I get nervous, very nervous.

Debby said...

So many things to consider. Congrats on your book.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Angela Renee said...

Thank you!!!!