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Monday, September 10, 2012



If I’d never heard of me would I read my book?

This is an amazing question that forces me to really look inside me and my books. At present, with the release of Surrender, I have three novels out, all paranormal romance because that’s the genre that I love. I also, though, have a YA book about to release in October, under another pen name.

When I look at these four books, it’s very hard to be subjective! I look at the beautiful covers and thing, yes! I would read these!

Then I look at the blurbs and I think, yes! I would read these books even more!

But that’s me. Me the author. Me the writer who poured blood, sweat and tears ..., okay, no blood or even sweat, but definitely tears into some of these.

When I think about books that I’ve fallen most for though, books that aren’t mine, the first thing that captures me is the cover. If that’s not rockin’ I’m not lookin’. No matter who the author is, if the cover stinks, I can’t get past it. Yes, I totally realize this is ridiculous, that there are loads of great stories inside so-so covers, but I’m me. I’m very visual. Covers gotta rock my socks.

So if I think about my books, I’m still in the ‘win’ category.

Then, I go and read the blurbs. If the blurbs don’t draw me in, again, I’ll reshelve a book. For example, if there are errors in a blurb or it makes no sense or it has absolutely nothing to do with the cover, I start to wonder who put it together and what were they thinking and would the story have the same ‘issues’? Again, totally a subjective thing, but it’s something really does hit me any time I pick up a book.

Again, by any author.

So for me, I feel like I’m still hitting that proverbial nail here. I’ve got covers and blurbs so yes, as a reader, I’d try my books—or at least, I’d open to the first page and see if it grabs me by the throat and carries me forward.

If it did, I’ll be sunk and reading until I’m up all night wanting, needing, begging for all the secrets to be revealed and the happily ever after to arrive.

So with my latest release, Surrender, book 2 in the Mimics of Rune series, I think I’ll go re-read it now.

About the Author:
Aimee is a romantic at heart and a southern transplant with a bit of the accent (but not a whole bunch). She's married to her high school sweetheart, and with him, she's produced three native North Carolinians, two of whom share the same DNA.

With an MBA and a degree in Applied Mathematics, there's absolutely no reason she should be writing romance novels. Then again, she shouldn't need a calculator to add two numbers, either ... but she does.

Face the past or look to the future? Both will hurt. One could kill her.

All her life, Lily Crane has suppressed her childhood memories, masking the signs of abuse with a variety of looks. From brunette to blonde, tall to short — as a Mimic, changing shape is her gift. Her right. Her achilles heel.

It’s Lily’s latest likeness, chosen simply by accident, which threatens to repeat a history she’s desperate to forget. Worse, she must do so without the one man who takes all her pain away: Cael Aldridge.

Cael has no intention of leaving Lily on her own. He never has. Now, with the woman he loves in the hands of a predator who wants Lily for her genetics, Cael will do everything he can to bring her home.


He can only pray he isn’t too late.


Debby said...

The covers and blurbs do it for me. Blurbs mainly.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Aimee Laine said...

Thanks so much for having me today! :)

Ingeborg said...

Sounds very exciting. By the way my maiden name was Laine.

Catherine Lee said...

I'm a native Northerner who now lives in North Carolina. My hubby and I love it here along the coast.
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com