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Friday, August 17, 2012



Books have been part of my life as long as I can remember. Mom took my brother and me to the library every week, even before we could read. An avid reader herself, she would set us free in the children’s department, and we could check out as many books as our arms could hold. Let me tell you, I stacked them high in my arms, with my chin tamping them down, even before I could read.

Ever since I can remember, my dream was to become a published author.

Last year, I received the email offering me a contract. The news was bittersweet. I spent much of last year at my parents’ house because Mom had stage 4 colon cancer. But she was not a quitter. She even told the Hospice nurse, “Honey, I’m going to beat this thing.”

I’d like to offer my own bit of encouragement. This is for everyone, and writers are no exception. Don’t give up. Follow your dreams. Because the only true way to fail, is to stop trying.

I wrote Never Let Go back in 2007. When it didn’t win the contest I’d written it for, I forgot about it, not realizing there was a market for novellas. I gave up on it.

Last year, I polished it up a bit, and sent that baby back out.

I wish Mom could see my story on Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites. My novella was dedicated to my family, with Mom getting the biggest accolades. I read it to her before I sent it and she smiled.

Life is short and there’s no time to wallow in rejection. Keep pushing forward. Never give up. Isn’t it appropriate my title is called, Never Let Go?

I hope you enjoy it.

About the Author:
Selena Fulton was born in a small town in Indiana and moved to Florida as a teen. Now that their daughter has grown, she and her husband are empty nesters – if you don’t count the cat! She enjoys camping, morning strolls along the seashore, making jewelry, and reading. A multi-published author, she belongs to First Coast Romance Writers, Romance Writers of America, American Christian Fiction Writers, and Ancient City Romance Authors. She believes in “paying it forward” by working with fellow authors in her critique groups. Come check out her out on Facebook or go to her blog at, because it’s all about the journey…

Kendra Prescott, a high-powered Atlanta real estate broker, is sent to England to coax the owner to sell a beautiful cottage. Family portraits line the stairway, and Kendra finds one man, Benjamin Sheffield, fascinating. Too bad he lived almost two centuries ago.

In 1863, Benjamin Sheffield escaped England because of a trumped-up murder charge. He came to America to disappear in the vast Western frontier but was delayed by a little thing called the War Between The States.

When Kendra trips on a rock and loses consciousness, she wakes in the middle of Civil War-torn Georgia. She doesn't know what happened to the cottage, but when she sees Ben, she realizes he is the key, her only chance of returning to her own time. Trouble is, now that she's met him, she isn't sure she wants to.


Valerie Bowman said...

"Life is short and there’s no time to wallow in rejection." Well said, Selena. May Never Let Go be a huge success!

Jaye Garland said...

Selena, I absolutely love your title. It says so much and makes me want to pick up your book and read the story. I've been through the same cancer story with my own mom. It's hard, but hang onto those wonderful memories. Your mom provided such a great start for you at a very early age and carried through to her last days. Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Your mom sounds like she was an awesome mother! I'm sure she'd be beyond proud to see your book in print.

I loved the blurb for Never Let Go and it's definitely going on my TBR list! Thanks for sharing your story!

Mary said...


Yay for you for pulling the manuscript back out!

It's so easy in this line of work to allow ourselves to be discouraged, but overnight successes rarely happen overnight. :)

I wish you many successes!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Alicia Dean said...

A beautiful, heart warming post. I'm sure your mother knows about your success and is SO proud of you. Best of luck. Never Let Go sounds fantastic, and I plan to read it asap!

Ingeborg said...

The book sounds wonderful, I can't wait to read it.

Debby said...

No point in wallowing for anything I think. It is hard to be positive when everyone tries to take you down.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Maddy said...

Love the title and the sentiment behind it. I'm a long way behind the curve for right now but I also have a word of encouragement to this supportive community - I have it typed up and pinned above my computer - the difference between a published author and an unpublished one is that the last one gave up.

Best of luck with your promotion.

Anonymous said...

Maddy, I love your encouraging post. I too have something printed out and taped above my computer:

What you think about most of the time, you become!

Thanks for stopping by!

Jamie D. said...

What a lovely blog entry, Selena! It's a pleasure to watch your career blossom.

Mom said...

It is a lovely blog entry -- full of optimism and reasons to look forward. Good for those of us stuck in revision . . .

Anonymous said...

"...the only true way to fail is to stop trying." So true! Your perseverance is a true inspiration. :)

Lisa said...

Love time travel book never let go sound really good to me.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for stopping by. It was a pleasure to be here.

Karen H in NC said...

Wonderful story. Book were important to me (still are) but as a child, the libraries weren't nearby and no way to get to them. But the bookmobile would still make 3 stops at my school during the summer so I could walk to my school and get more books to last another month. I don't see bookmobiles around anymore. I wonder if they still do that?

kareninnc at gmail dot com