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Thursday, August 16, 2012



They say confession is good for the soul and I should know, I secretly wrote confession stories for about ten years. They supplemented my income nicely and were a safe way to bring all my family skeletons out of the closet without facing angry relatives. There’s no byline for confession stories and all names are changed to protect the guilty. And the writer.

Here is my first public confession: I’m afraid of the dark. The few people I’ve confided in before now have been shocked by this since I do at least 80% of my writing at night and most of my twenty or so jobs I’ve had in my life have been the overnight shift. Or as paranormal authors like myself like to call it, the graveyard shift.

So when I came up with my idea about an agency who secretly protect humans from vampires (the Vampire Eradication Network) I wanted my main character to be a powerful, skilled woman, who was not afraid of the dark or any of the predators prowling around in it. A nightmare gave me an image of my character, her tragic past and struggle to rid the world of evil vampires.

Once I decided the agents working for V.E.N. should use code names that were acronyms for the type of job they had I was amazed at how well Reconnaissance Agent fit with Vampire Eradication Network so I had her code name, Raven: Reconnaissance Agent of the Vampire Eradication Network.

Of course Raven can’t defeat all the vampires by herself so she needed co-workers and friends to help her here and there and in developing those characters I realized some of those people needed to tell their own stories, too, so what started out as one book has grown into at least four books.

I make another public confession in my second book; I let Raven’s best friend, Killer, AKA Kelly SIRA (Special Information Recovery Agent ) explain why she and I both stay awake when its dark and sleep during the day and why we force ourselves to periodically do things we’re afraid of.

I hope you’ll check out the first book in the series. It is a paranormal romance, R.A.V.E.N.: Vampire Eradication Network and was released on July 27th, 2012 by The Wild Rose Press.

My website is

Kachina Raven is a Reconnaissance Agent for the Vampire Eradication Network.
One night while escaping a murderous cult of vampire wannabes, she meets Kael. There is an immediate attraction but she knows there is something odd about him. He has some very unusual skills and abilities. She’s sure he isn’t a vampire but knows he’s no ordinary human either.

She knows she’ll always be stalked by vampires and doesn’t want to put anyone else at risk by having a relationship with them. Her life is further complicated by the relentless pursuit of a homeland security agent.

Kael is an alpha male used being the protector but Raven makes it clear she can fight her own battles. He’s frustrated by her refusal to acknowledge the strength of the attraction between them and is determined to have her as his mate.

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