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Wednesday, August 1, 2012



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Top Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Leanna Ellis

Ten things you don’t know about me? Well, you may not know me at all so this could be pretty easy. But then again, you might have visited my website or Facebook page or even read one of my books, so I’ll give you a few easy tidbits right up front.

1. Right now, I’m writing Plain Fear, an Amish Vampire series. Yep, you read that right. Amish and vampires. Together. I’ve also written romance and women’s fiction.

2. I think outside the box. Bet you could figure that out from #1.

3. I’m a wife, mom of two and have a menagerie of pets, who are also my sweet babies. I have an old white lab, Liberty, a cranky cat named Miracle, a crazy labradoodle, named Hilo, and a sweet boy kitty, Sawyer. I often post Hilo’s crazy antics on my FB page. She’s usually in trouble. We named her for Hilo, Hawaii, one of our favorite places because we thought she was laid back. WRONG. Boy, were we wrong. She’s hyper and high-maintenance. But we love her, even if she has eaten over 12 pairs of reading glasses as well as a few prescription glasses. I have occasionally put one of my animals in my books: Hilo (Facelift), Liberty (Plain Fear: Forsaken).

4. I love musical theater. One of my favorite shows is Phantom of the Opera, and it inspired me while I was writing this Plain Fear series. It was especially instrumental (sorry for the pun) in the planning of Forsaken, the first book in the series, as I envisioned my Amish heroine much like Christine, pulled in two directions, loving two very different men, one true and good, the other dark and sinister.

5. I’m constantly on the go. My kids are at that age where they have lots of activities, so I’m the taxi driver. I do a lot of writing in the car waiting for rehearsals or fencing practice to end.

6. I love to travel! Hawaii and England are two of my favorites. But I also love traveling for research. I learn so much on these trips, which I incorporate into my books. I’ve been to Memphis, Tennessee, Marfa and Luckenbach, Texas, as well as Lancaster, Pennsylvania and New Orleans. I always take notes but the most valuable thing for me on these trips is just to breathe the air and listen to the sounds and experience the place. Forbidden, book #2 of Plain Fear series, took me to Ohio. A writer friend of mine, Shelley Shepard Gray, and I traveled to Amish country. The topography was so interesting and different than I expected. It was fall and the leaves were changing to golden hues, and it reminded me of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The tiny Amish settlement we visited was a perfect setting for an Amish family to hide. And trouble to brew. I couldn’t wait to get home and finish writing my book!

7. I’m running out of ideas here of things you may or may not know about me so I’m going to take a survey and ask those closest to me to give you the scoop. My 12 year-old-daughter said, “You have a different sense of humor.” Different I think refers to that out-of-the-box thinking. Of course, when I asked her I’d just tried to make a joke that wasn’t very funny. But she’s right. I do have a quirky, weird way of looking at life and that definitely comes out in my books like my Plain Fear series. I mean, really, Amish Vampire…where did that idea come from? Even though the stories are darker than my women’s fiction titles, I did find places to put in some humor, because I just like to laugh.

8. My daughter also added, “You like to shop.” My husband would concur.

9. My fourteen-year-old son said, “You like to spend money.” Hmmm. Could there be a theme here? Yes, they’re right. I do like to shop AND spend money. So please buy more books so I can do more of both. LOL! When my husband asked my father for my hand in marriage, my dad said, “I have two daughters: one that spends, and one that saves. You picked the spender.” Yep, that’s me. So now when my husband’s eyes bulge at the credit card bill, I gently remind him that he was warned in advance.

10. My best friend, Dorothy offered this, “You live with a menagerie of pets, including the cat you hand raised with an eye dropper.” Of course, I’ve already told you about my barnyard but not how Miracle, my cranky cat, got her name. We rescued a cat on the highway and named her Hershey because she looked like she had a dollop of chocolate on her upper lip. She had been hit by a car or truck and had a concussion. She was also pregnant. Her injury caused her kittens to be born about ten days early. I was the midwife. We prayed for that tiny preemie kitten and fed it night and day for weeks. She survived and we named her Miracle because it was truly a miracle for her to survive and I hope it taught my children an important lesson about the fragility and preciousness of every life.

Here’s a bonus: I love to tap dance! I took dance for years and years and even taught for a while, so now I enjoy occasionally teaching my daughter a few dance steps. Now, I will ‘shuffle off to Buffalo!’

Thanks again for having me!


How Long Must We Pay for the Sins of Our Past?

She blames herself for her husband's death. But for Rachel Schmidt Nussbaum, redemption may only lie in the ultimate sacrifice.

When a stranger arrives claiming only she can save him, Rachel's impulsive instincts lead her on a perilous journey, one that leads her to a battle that will decide both the fate of her soul and the life of her unborn child.

A far–from–ordinary story of love and desperation, sin and sacrifice, Amish faith and vampire lore, Plain Fear: Forbidden is an imaginative thrill ride that's like nothing you've ever read before.

About the Author:
Leanna Ellis is the winner of the National Readers’ Choice Award and Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart Award. She has written numerous books for Harlequin/Silhouette and has published four books with B&H Publishing. With her husband, two children, and wide assortment of pets, she lives in Texas. For more information, please visit www.LeannaEllis, follow her on Twitter, @LeannaEllis, and “like” her on Facebook.


Na said...

A sense of humor is a great trait to have even if it's a little different ;) I like seeing this in books too even if it's a thriller. It helps to ease the tension.


Leanna Ellis said...

Thanks for having me here. Na, I so agree. Love to laugh for a little tension relief. Have a great day!