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Tuesday, August 7, 2012



Genie Castleberry takes over for Desi Moon-

Hello, Hello everyone! I am so pleased Desi Moon let me out to talk with you all here at the Long & Short Reviews! Who am I you ask? My name is Genie Castleberry, I practically run Summerland, might as well change the name to Genie Land. What? You haven’t read Summerland yet? Oh. Well that kinda changes things now does it? Wait? You haven’t heard of Desi Moon either? *tsk tsk* we need to fix this pronto! Take a seat, grab a drink, but stay away from the margaritas; they make you do very strange things! I’ll be right back. *Calls over her shoulder* Have a mojito, they are fabulous!

*Sounds of rummaging and voices can be heard*

Genie comes back dragging a disheveled woman behind her.

G: Alrighty, everyone this is the author Desi (DB) Moon, Desi dear, say hello to all the wonderful readers who have no idea about any of your stories.

D: *Gives a little finger wave* Hi readers I don’t know. God, Genie the least you could have done is let me fix my hair.

G: Turbans, doll; they are so comfortable! *Patting hers* Don’t know why more people don’t wear them.

D: Because not everyone is a fashionably daring as you, Genie. *Looks around nervously* So-- what now?

G: Good Lord, dear you act as if you had never done promotion before. Tell them something about yourself, are you married?

D: *Nods vigorously* I am! I am married to the most wonderful man!

G: OK, don’t rub it in, not everyone has found Mr. Right. Tell us what you do when you’re not arguing with us, the voices in your head.

D: Do I have a life outside of you all? The voices are constantly chattering at me. But when I can manage to get everyone to settle down, or tune you out, I am an avid kickboxer.

G: Oh right you put that in one of your other stories, Accidental Intent. That was an interesting twist you did. Three romantic comedies under your belt and you decide to write a murder mystery. Why?

D: Why not? *Sulking* You know as well as I that I have no control over these stories; you all have minds of your own.

G: *Rolling eyes* Please don’t harp on the damn pool party again, doll. Let it go already. Summerlandhas been out for a year; people love the story,' AND the pool party was a HUGE success.

D: Just wasn’t what I had planned.

G: Yes, I know, and you made the girls hide in the bathroom because of it.

D: I didn’t make anyone hide; Rhiann didn’t want the party either.

G: If you had let me talk to Rhiann…

D: Now who’s harping? Let’s change the subject to giveaways; everyone loves free stuff! Am I right, readers?

G: Free is good! Are you giving away a copy of Summerland?

D: It has been out for a year! We need to celebrate that fact! So in honor of my debut novel, Summerland, I will give away one PDF copy to one lucky commenter… I’ll get the discussion started…

In Summerland, Rhiann falls for yummy rock star Jimmy English.

G: Mmmm, he is yummy! If I were forty years younger…

D: He is loosely based on a rocker who makes my knees go weak when I see him in concert so tell us…

What celebrity makes you go weak in the knees?

G: Taye Diggs *Eyes grow big and dream like* his muscles, his lips, his…

D: *Does a double take* Ignore her, readers. I’ll keep the discussion open until the twelfth. Then will decide who gets the free copy.

Thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to the discussion! Oh before I forget, leave an email address so I can get in touch with the winner. No addy--no entry :-)

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Twitter: @DBMoonbook

Watch the Summerland Trailer

After two years of mourning, Rhiann Taylor, a former paparazzi magnet, has found an appreciation for anonymity during her self-imposed exile. However, she finds it difficult to stay under the radar when launching a high profile, fashion design business. Especially when you add a smitten rock star, a self absorbed international playboy, an assistant who reads minds better than a psychic and a dead boyfriend who won’t leave her alone.

When the tabloid frenzy comes to a fevered pitch, family secrets come out of the closet and friendships are tested beyond everyone’s comfort zone. Rhiann will need to find the brazenness she once possessed, embrace the anger she has suppressed, and meet a vulnerability she has never known, to face the scariest prospect of all, falling in love again.
You can buy Summerland at:

Noble Romance

Amazon Kindle Store

Barnes & Noble

About the Author:
Desi (D.B.) Moon lives in Boulder, CO with her husband Eben, two kids and an ever growing menagerie.

She has two full length books out right now, contemporary romance Summerland and a romantic suspense, Accidental Intent. Desi also has two short stories out through Rebel Ink Press: one in the Tempting Cupid Anthology titled "My Humiliating Valentine" and the other in the Dad Plan Anthology titled "For the Love of Mac". In October Desi will be a part of the Noble Thrillology Anthology with a horror novella entitled "Nowhere to Run"

An animal activist and a Project Runway junkie, Desi is also an avid Muay Thai kickboxer and loves to bake decadent "plant based" desserts.


Debby said...

Great job! Fun to read. I was not familiar either and now I am.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Desi Moon said...

Thanks for stopping by Debby, I only allow Genie free regin occasionally as she is the most outspoken of all the voices in my head.

Na said...

Congrats on your debut! A rock star sounds like a pretty cool hero :)


Desi Moon said...

Thanks Na. Jimmy, my rock god, was a breeze to write :-)