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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Anniversary Blog Fest: Joya Fields


Happy Anniversary to Long and Short Reviews! Thanks for inviting me here today to help celebrate by chatting about summer reading.

One of my coolest (literally) memories from childhood is spending the entire day reading, propped up on pillows, in my parents’ bedroom. Our house wasn’t air conditioned, but we had one window unit in my parents’ room. So on really hot days, my mom, my two sisters, and I would carry a stack of books into the bedroom.

We’d each find a spot—curling up with some pillows in a corner, lounging against the dresser, or just laying on the rug—and read the day away. There’s no doubt my love of reading began during those hot summer days. No TV, no cell phones, no interruptions at all. Nancy Drew took me into another world with mystery and problem-solving. Laura Ingalls Wilder made me fall in love with the prairie and doing things the “old fashioned” way. And Jo, Meg, Beth, Amy and “Laurie” made me laugh, cry, and wish they lived next door.

One of the best parts of these particular books was that they were series. I got to know the characters, and then read about them again and again through each book. These days, I try to spend as much time as possible reading, especially in the summer. Lucky me, I have central air conditioning, and can pick almost any reading spot and be cool. I still love a great series, too. Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series is one of my favorite summer treats. I have to wait to open the cover until I have time to read the whole book without interruption.

My friends have recently turned me on to the fabulous Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward, too. I’m only on book two, and as a side note here, isn’t it great to find a series to read after some of the first books have been released? That way you can go directly from book one to book two and follow with book three without a wait. Feels like cheating, but ahhh, it is fun!

Thanks very much for stopping by today and for letting me share my favorite summer reading memory. I’d love to hear about your summer reading—either memories, or what you’re reading now. Here’s hoping the rest of your summer is filled with great books and lots of happy times. :-)

About the Author:
Joya Fields has had over 100 stories and articles published in local and national magazines. Her debut novel, BENEATH THE SURFACE, a romantic suspense, and LOVE DELIVERED, a contemporary novella, are now available. Her marriage of convenience story FOREVER’S PROMISE, part of the SIMPLY WEDDED anthology, will release early 2013.

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Joya said...

Happy Anniversary, LASR! Thanks for letting me join in the celebration. :)

Jeanne Seils said...

Happy Anniversary LaSR and thank you for sharing your memory with us Joys.
I remember the no air conditioning days and spent many of those days running around the neighborhood. The rainy days were my days to read. The first full story I ever read (I usually read short stories and poetry) was Stuart Little. I remember not wanting to put the book down.

Today I often have the same problem with good books - it's hard to stop reading and put the book down! I do not read a lot of Romance stories but I had the great pleasure of reading Joya Field's Beneath The Surface debut novel. What a wonderful story! For anyone who has not read this yet, it is the "curl up on fluffy pillows" or "find a comfortable spot in the shade" Thule of book. You won't want to put it down.

Happy reading all!

Debby said...

What memories! We have only a window unit now and I remember at one of my daughter's birthday parties, we all went into my room and watched a movie and had so much fun.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Jeanne Seils said...

Please pardon my typos- the auto correct has a mind of it's own!

Ingeborg said...

I have also been reading since I was a young girl. The last few weeks I've been reading Robyn Carr's Virgin River series.

Joya said...

@Debby-LOL, sounds like that part of the party was the most fun! Hope you're enjoying your a/c. :)

@Jeanne-Auto correct. Grrrr! haha! Thanks for stopping by! :)

@Ingeborg-Thanks for the tip about the Virgin River series. I'll have to check it out. :)

Karen H in NC said...

No A/C in our house when I was a kid and no window units either. Only big fans but our house stayed relatively cool because of some very large trees giving the house their shade. My favorite place was in the back yard behind the garage under 4-5 large trees. The grass was shady and cool and very soft. It was a great place to stretch out and read. Trixie Belden were my favorite books back then.

kareninnc at gmail dot com

Joya said...

@Karen-Ahh, that shady tree spot sounds like an awesome place to settle down for the day with a book! Thanks for stopping by to share your story. :)