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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Anniversary Blog Fest: Carol Henry


Carol Henry’s Awesome Summer Vacation

One would think that being retired excludes you from taking a ‘formal’ summer vacation. Living in the Finger Lakes area in New York State, my husband and I usually take a short trip to North Myrtle Beach or travel internationally between January and April so that we can stay at home during the summer and enjoy what New York has to offer. However, this year, we mapped out an awesome itinerary that took us up through Michigan, across the top of the U.S. map on Route 2 along the Canadian Boarder, all the way across North Dakota and Montana into Washington, then down into Oregon, California and once the car pointed back east—we followed Rt. 80 through Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Illinois, Indian and Ohio then zoomed on home. The main emphasis was checking out all those spectacular National Parks, monuments, and forests we hadn’t previously visited. And, of course we followed the dinosaur trail, the Lewis and Clark Trail as well as the California and Oregon Trails while we were at it.

Crossing through three time changes going out West, and three time changes coming back East, we crossed the Continental Divide, the Mississippi, the Rockies, the Cascades, and spent the night in a different hotel every night. We dove in our own, very dependable Buick LaSabre that held up wonderfully throughout the 8,855 miles in 21 days, through 19 states! I was also very fortunate that my husband loves to drive, and is a very good driver, as some of the roads in those national parks are very treacherous! Really. I kid you not. Sitting on the passenger side really does give you a completely different perspective of the sheer drop-offs on that side of the road. Yes, the views are fantastic if you dare to look out and over as you climb 7,000 – 10,000 feet above sea level, or dip back down to a reasonable height. Maneuvering around boulders, curves, dips, and narrow byways where there should be some sort of guardrail (and there isn’t) can be tricky as well as frightening. For me, anyway. One really does need nerves of steel!

But I digress. The parks are amazing. North Dakota’s Badlands Theodore Roosevelt National Park could use a few guardrails, but I survived. Stopping to hike a couple of the trails in the southern park lead us to an overlook where we spotted wild horses running loose. And, in the Northern Park the buffalo greeted us alongside the road. How cool is that? Going to the Sun in Glacier National Park was truly awesome. I’m sure I really enjoyed it as much as I did because we drove from the East to the West, where our car was on the inside next to the mountainscape (most of the time).

But that was just the beginning—Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Columbia River Gorge (Oregon), Mt. Hood, Crater Lake (definitely need guard rails!), followed the Redwood Highway in California and the Avenue of the Giants, through Napa Valley, Yosemite National Park, Kings Canyon, Sequoia National Park. We then headed up to Lake Tahoe, Salt Lake, Utah, and made a mad dash through Wyoming (we’d visited before), Nebraska and all States along our straight path toward home!

What thoughts did I bring back home with me after witnessing all this grandeur? Well, besides having an excellent and much needed rest and escape from the rest of the world (mostly family), I was struck by the stark fact of the sheer determination of the people who carved out roads up to and into and around such immovable snow dappled mountains, pristine lakes, ancient and historic feats of nature, so that we could enjoy what our great country has to offer. Majestic mountains, gigantic redwoods and sequoias (yes, we drove our car through one of those large trees!), and the fantastic aromas of the balsam firs, the pine, the redwood, and the sun soaked sage. Wow! A most excellent adventure, indeed!

About the Author:
Carol lives with her husband in the beautiful New York State Finger Lakes area where they are surrounded by family and friends. World travelers, Carol writes about her visits to exotic locations for major cruise lines’ deluxe in-cabin books, and takes pleasure in sharing her adventures with her readers in her suspense adventure novels. She writes Destination: Romance--Exotic Romantic Suspense Adventures for The Wild Rose Press (Amazon Connection and Shanghai Connection) where the heroine discovers more than the ‘wild and wonderful’ world around her—she finds her inner courage, and a once-in-a-life-time love (think Indiana Jones meets Joan Wilder in Romancing the Stone). A member of Romance Writers of America® since 1984, and a member and past president of Southern Tier Authors of Romance since 2001, Carol took an early retirement from Cornell University after 30+ years to pursue her travel and writing career. She is the Co-founder and Chairman for the Write Now Writers’ group, is a New York State Historian for her hometown, and has written several history books on the town and village. Visit Carol’s website to learn more about her travel, her romance books, and her writer’s life at




Sophia Knightly said...

Carol, sounds like you had glorious adventure! Thanks for sharing.

Ingeborg said...

Wow, your trip sounds wonderful. I wish I could have gone with you

Lisa said...

Hi Carol,
Love the asain look of your cover and sound good too.

katsrus said...

Wow that sounds breathtaking. We have so much to see in the US.
Sue B

Karen H in NC said...

IMHO, nothing beats a road trip across the USA. Especially that northern route on US 2. That's a route I have long wanted to travel. Maybe someday!

kareninnc at gmail dot com

Carol Henry said...

Thanks for stopping by today, ladies. I love traveling and I love sharing my adventures, especially in my novels. So glad you like the cover for Shanghai Connection--I love it.

Debby said...

Your trip sounds amazing. I would have loved to gone on that trip.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Carol Henry said...

Debby, I never know what to expect when I get in the car with my husband, but we do have the most amazing adventures whether I'm ready for them or not. That's what makes them so much fun. Thanks for stopping by.