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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Anniversary Blog Fest: Beverly Wells


Hello and welcome to the Long and Short Reviews 5th Anniversary Blogfest and my very own blog about my amazing summer.

So much has happened since the mild winter in New York State faded earlier than expected. As May strolled in with blue skies, warm breezes, and bright sunshine I found my usual enthusiasm for planting flowers screaming to get started. I have what I call a walking-garden of pots and flowers along the back slope of our home, a medium size English garden to the side of the house, and a large slope where I’ve planted an abundance of lovely perennials. There’s also several small plantings around the property, plus several small gatherings of annual and perennials along various corners. After digging in the dirt, nourishing the soil, and sprucing up the beds I planted some new bushes, added a few more perennials and added spots of bright color with a multitude of annuals. The yard looked great! Of course in between all the playing in the dirt and slaving over the new plantings I did fit in revamping my upcoming book. That’s a given, even if my house cleaning went on the back shelf. And naturally I took the time to do some spring cleaning as well. You have to keep hubby happy as well as vacuum the dog hairs that seem to increase every second of each day.

I then took time out in May to improve and build on my writing career by traveling with my husband in tow to CT to spend two days at the CTRWA Fiction Fest. And it was well worth it learning how to hone my writing skills more, plus meeting some wonderful writers at the Fest and enjoyed the beautiful CT scenery. I also got to spend a day with my son’s mother-in-law and two lovely granddaughters in CT (my son and DOL were unfortunately away at the time).

June brought about a mad dash to start tagging for the Humane Society’s yard sale that would be on July 20th and 21st. I serve on the Board of Directors for the Shelter and let me tell you, it’s a working board. That means that not only do we handle business and board issues, but you’re expected to do fundraiser events as well. And there’s one or two every other week, so it keeps me hopping. This year was the second year that I was in charge of the yard sale. Hundreds of items started pouring in and continued until the day of the sale. Several times a week I’d spend at least 4 to 6 hours tagging and cramming the items into the shelter’s front sun porch or the main board room. I’m telling you the stuff filled every nook and cranny and got piled to 7 foot high. Other volunteers and members helped tagged which made it more fun, but it was mind-boggling and time-consuming to say the least. But the sale was a huge success. We made over $2000.00 and now the dogs and cats have propane to keep them warm during the cold months and food, etc., so I can say I’m happy it’s over, and we did a fine job. And I thank all those who made it possible with their time and/or their donations.

And yes, in between all this, I did more writing and research for upcoming books. But besides all that I’ve been doing local book signings for my debut historical romance Only When the Loon Sings. Since my heroine burned everything she first baked or cooked, I thought outside the box and did a number of them in bakeries, restaurants. What better place to do them? I did more in bookstores, art festivals, and wineries. You name it that’s where I did a signing. And they’ve been fantastic. I’ve had good responses from all and had a blast doing them.

Last, but not least, my son and his family, plus his best friends and their children came for a two week visit. Oh, we had so much fun. My two granddaughters and the other children took a sailing course at the yacht club—all passed with flying colors. They swam every minute of the day unless they were wake boarding or chowing down. It was a fun time for all. Now we have Florida friends visiting for a few days and that’s some more fun.

Oops, I forgot to mention that everyday Jamie (our rescued black lab mix) and I walk several miles every day on our lake road. He thoroughly enjoys meeting people and other doggie friends along the way and afterwards I get to eat chocolate since I got in my exercise. Well, hey, you like chocolate, don’t you? I crave it! It’s needed substance for any writer.

Thanks so much visiting and I hope you had an equally delightful summer as I did. LOL, Bev

About the Author:
Hello, and welcome to my Bio. It’s a different world for me lately as I’m a new author. It’s both exciting and scary for me. But hey, I’m game for adventure of any kind, so here I am. My debut historical romance Only When the Loon Sings through The Wild Rose Press was released in January. That’s the exciting part. The scary part is that I’m not computer savvy. I’m having to learn websites, facebook, twitter, blogs, goodreads, different review sites and all sorts of various promo for the ebook as well as the print book. YIKES! Yes, it is scary. I plow through internet as if I were dizzy and in a maze and don’t know which way is which. But I am learning—slowly--with help of many gracious authors, friends, and technical people. They’ve all had the patience of saints as they lead me along.

Let me tell you a little about myself. For many years I worked as a nurse with the majority being in homecare and clinics for Public Health. I’ve loved every minute of it. And yes, I used the computer for charting my nursing visits, etc, but never did much more than that. Though I’m now retired from Public Health, I still keep my hand into nursing by privately contracting with them to occasionally do their flu clinics. I also serve as a member of the Medical Reserve Corps for Homeland Security, heaven forbid if there should ever be another disaster like 911. Let’s hope we never have another such catastrophe

As a child I was always fascinated with Cinderella-type stories, but only read occasionally. Oh, I read the required books throughout school and college, but only what was required. Then I suffered a back injury that required surgery and a long recuperation. My friend loaned me numerous romance novels so I wouldn’t go stark raving mad. Well, I fell in love with each and every book I read. But then I read one that was a fantastic read until the very end. A very rushed end. I was so angry. I thought to myself—if she’d only added ten more pages I could’ve been satisfied. That’s when I decided to write one that wouldn’t leave my readers hanging. But I didn’t know the ropes back then. I was a nurse. What in heaven’s name was POV(Point of View)? And did the heroine and hero really have to meet by a certain page? Good grief! And why didn’t anyone ever tell me that a 895 page romance novel was way too long? I started from the very bottom of the ladder and work my way up to learn all these things when all I wanted to do was write a "good book." So I wrote to my favorite authors and asked how to go about learning what I obviously needed to know. I was told to join RWA and a local writing chapter. That was GOLD! Now I belong to Romance Writers of America, LCRW (my local chapter), and CTRWA(CT chapter.) It still took a long time to get it all straight and learn to tighten my prose, but here I am. Now I write historical romance, devour romance novels, garden, cook, swim, and enjoy family and friends. I also love Nascar, dogs and chocolate.

If you’d like to read my full bio, and/or more, please visit my website. I’m also on FB and Twitter. I’d love to hear from you.


Ingeborg said...

Very informative post, I enjoyed reading it. I also love working in the garden. Seeing lovely flowers in my garden makes me very happy.

Debby said...

Wow, were you busy! I love flowers but they do not love me. Heavy sigh!
debby236 at gmail dot com

Hywela Lyn said...

Wow! You tire me out just reading of your summer! I love gardening too - and tend to have a lot of container plants, especially on our small patio. At least you can move tubs around to fill in spaces if the borders aren't doing too well. My show isn't quite as colourful this year, unfortunately, although the geraniums are coming into full bloom at last. We've had such a weird summer (lovely and warm in March, followed by cold wet weather, with the odd sunny day, and even in the middle of August it's not as warm as it should be! Ah well, that's the British summer for you! I have a rescued dog too, they're so loving and forgiving, I wish more people would have a rescue instead of an expensive pedigree - there are so many lovely dogs just longing for someone to give them some love.

Jean MP said...

You have had a busy summer. Your garden sounds wonderful. Love flowers and shrubs, but with a big dog who likes to gallop around the yard and run through the flowers, they don't fare very well in my yard.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Hi Ingeborg, Thanks for joining me today. It's so much fun. Wishing you well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Debby, Thanks for joining me today. I too sometimes plant something, then bam! It dies, no matter what I've done to help the poor little thing. But most of the time lately anyways, I try to plant hardier plants and the ones that don't require a whole heck of a lot of work. And make sure you plant it where it should be. I get in trouble with trying to plant a sunny plant in the shade and vs. Yikes! I have to learn to follow the rules. Also wishing you the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hywelea Lyn, I also thank you so much for commenting today. Glad to hear you a rescued dog. They are the best and I'm trying to do my part in seeing more adopted. They are such lovely friends. Best friends. Though I tried to have a colorful gardern this summer, we too, had an early warm spell in March, but then the summer turned Hot and Very Dry. Drought warnings have been posted most of the summer. That meant a lot of watering. WOW! I lost some flowers in the meantime. But I still love it. Wishing you the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jean MP, I know what you mean when you say your dog can be disaster to your flowers, etc. My friend has a dog that digs up everything she tries to plant. My Jamie only has one spot he digs in and that's behind a bush so I let him have his fun. Boy does he get dirty though. Thanks for stopping by. Wishing you well.

Karen H in NC said...

Thanks for a lovely post today. I'm not much of a gardener but I do enjoy looking at the fruits and flowers as a result of the labors of other people. And it sounds like it's a good thing that autumn is almost here...give you a chance to take a breather!

I'll be checking out your book since Historical Romances are my favorite genre.

kareninnc at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for joining me today on this blogfest. It's been so much fun so far. And yes, I'll need a breather, but gosh darn it! Then there's all the cutting back, the acorns and leaves to take of. Yuck. That's not the fun part. Hope you enjoy Only When the Loon Sings, I've have very good reviews and positive feedback. Again, nice to meet you. Wishing you the best.