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Friday, July 6, 2012



January will give one lucky commenter a copy of Forever Man.

July 2, 2012 THE BIG DAY AKA The scariest day of my life…

My name is January Bain and I love to write. There, I’ve confessed my addiction! And now my first book is about to be released and I would dearly love to share my storytelling journey with you.

Where did the idea come from? I remember it as clear as if the moment had just happened: I was watching The Green Mile, and was mesmerized by the idea that the gentle giant, imprisoned unfairly in jail for a crime committed by an another, could heal others by taking on their illness and then just letting the evil flow back into obscurity by exhaling through his lungs. I coveted that gift with every fiber of my being. I had just lost two beloved brothers to cancer and had to stand by and watch it happen. My heroine, Ellie Hightower, was going to have it so much better than me! She was going to have the gift of healing and save those she loved. I know why I write romantic stories—the happy, guaranteed ending.

It’s been an interesting journey, this getting a book polished and ready to be published. Though the learning curve has been pretty steep, I have had the blessing of working with great people who have made the journey a whole lot easier. A special thanks to my wonderful editor, Judy Griffith Gill and her expertise. She has made me a far better writer.

And to all my wonderful friends at The Writers Vineyard, your support and friendship has meant more to me than you can know!

I would also like to thank J. Ellen Smith, our esteemed publisher for her invaluable guidance in getting my first novel to the public.

And most of all, my very own “Forever Man”, my wonderful husband, Don, who has made the journey of life the best it can be!

Excerpt from FOREVER MAN:

Please God, let this beautiful creature be okay.

A surge of pure power seemed to drive through my hands into the dog as I concentrated my thoughts on it and then all I could see and feel was hot, white light surrounding me for a few brief incredibly thrilling seconds. The light blinded me, its power as strong as the noonday sun. A sense of pure aliveness electrified me, as if I was at the pinnacle of my strength and could rise up and fill the world with goodness and healing. Then, just as suddenly, the floodgates in my mind closed and the white hot energy retreated back into my hands that began to shake violently with the excess energy.

The sensation left as abruptly as it had come and I fell back exhausted from the effort. The dog whimpered, shook itself and sat up. It looked at the two of us as if nothing had happened, its brown eyes shining and its tail wagging as if it didn’t even remember the last few minutes of its life.

The woman, her eyes huge in her round face, looked at me with complete wonder. “How could this be? One minute I thought it was dying, then you came along and now it’s up and fine? It doesn’t make any sense.” The woman shook her head, unwilling to believe her own eyes.

Best regards,

January Bain


The Forever Series

Forever Man

Forever Woman

Forever Clan

About the Author:
January Bain hails from Manitoba, Canada. Married to the love of her life, her husband Don, she has combined her love of romance with her interest in the paranormal and vampires to produce the FOREVER SERIES of books. She teaches English and Computer courses during the day, and writes at night. She hopes to touch your heart with the first book in the series, Forever Man and would very much enjoy hearing from her readers.


Ingeborg said...

Hi January, good luck on the release of your book.

January Bain said...

Thanks so much for your kind words! Best, January

Rhobin said...

Congratulations on Forever Man's publication.

I always tell my students just what you describe -- writing can help you work through issues, even tragedies, but once you start you often don't want to stop.

J.A. Garland said...

Great excerpt, January! Can't wait to read your book!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

It's a wonderful moment, January, and I do hope you enjoy every moment of being a published author. Your book sounds so intriguing!

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Good to see you striking whle the iron is hot.

Ute Carbone said...

Hey January! Looks like a terrific read!

January Bain said...

I've had a half dozen people say they have tried to leave a comment but it's not working for them!!!

January Bain said...

Wonderful, now the comments are showing! Thanks to all who responded, much appreciated!!!