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Tuesday, July 31, 2012



“Behind THE DELPHI BLOODLINE by Donna Del Oro”: Interview of Michael Drake, the tech tycoon who wants to control and enslave the Bloodline

THE DELPHI BLOODLINE: A smart, romantic thriller about an ancient bloodline of psychic women, the ruthless tycoon who wants to enslave them, the mysterious man who wants to protect them, and the modern-day descendant who must fight to stay alive and free!

Interviewer: You’re a billionaire, the owner of D.I.E., Drake International Enterprises. What does your corporation make?

Drake: All kinds of high-tech products, from cyborgs to unmanned aerial vehicles, military drones. You name it, we make it. Silicon Valley is the brain center of the high-tech industry.

Interviewer: You’re a single man with more money than you need. Billions! Why haven’t you married? I’m sure lots of women would love to be married to a billionaire.

Drake: That’s the problem. I’m drawn to exceptional people. Who DON’T NEED ME.

Interviewer: What made you think that true psychics would work for you?

Drake: Women in the Delphi Bloodline, as they call themselves, work for police departments for nothing. Why not work for me and make millions? There are governments and agencies all over the world that need their talents.

Interviewer: Doing what?

Drake: Corporate spying, intelligence of all kinds. Those women can do what the men of the CIA’s Stargate Program couldn’t do. And a hundred times better.

Interviewer: And if they don’t want to work as spies? What then?

Drake: Then I convince them they have no choice. You’ve heard this before, I make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Interviewer: You’d go that far?

Drake: Whatever it takes. How do you think I got where I am today? Just a matter of time and the Delphi Bloodline is mine.


About the Author:
Donna Del Oro is a retired high school teacher who now has the time to pursue her childhood dream of writing fiction. She lives in Northern California with her husband of 45 years, plays a bad game of golf and sings in the Sweet Adeline's chorus, Sierra Gold. Life is good and she's very grateful!

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