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Thursday, July 5, 2012



Things that go bump in the night…

That creepy abandoned house in the neighborhood—the one that no one will live in for more than a month or two at a time… Do you know the one I’m talking about? The one with overgrown weeds and dilapidated fences that lean forlornly toward the sidewalk, begging for attention or escape from whatever lies within. Darkened windows, some cracked, some broken, from which someone or some “thing” watches. You’ve seen the curtains move when no wind is present, haven’t you? You’ve felt eyes boring into your own each time you pass from the other side of the street…

The place is haunted. Everyone knows that. Right? Sometimes, late at night, under the dim light of the veiled moon and the stars, someone is brave enough to find a way inside. But only with a friend or two in tow, for most of the time, courage needs company. The ringleader and his companions step through the dust, the debris, and the cobwebs. They crack jokes and laugh, making fun of what they ought not.

And then it starts.

Indistinguishable whispers surround them, floorboards creak, even when the intruders are stationary. The beat of their hearts accelerate, as the musty air grows heavy around them. They are not wanted here. They can feel it. So they run and the legend grows.

But what’s really inside that house or structure? Nothing at all or does a spirit truly reside there? If he, she or even they are really there, are they evil? Sad, lost, or confused? Angry perhaps? The notion sparks the imagination, doesn’t it? Or–at least it did mine. I imagined all sorts of scenarios. And, since I am an author of Paranormal romance, it should come as no surprise to anyone that in both the “Spirit of the Rebellion” and “Spirit of the Revolution,” noble, handsome ghosts from our nation’s history are the hero’s that sweep our leading ladies off their feet. “Shadow of the Witte Wieven” is a bit different, but our hero, from the 17th century, still has “ghostly abilities.”

“Oh, but Debbie,” you say with hands clasped at your mouth and eyes open wide. “What about the Happily Ever After? Surely, you don’t write books without a Happily Ever After, do you? How can you do that when your hero is a ghost?”

“There, there—shh, dear reader. There is no need to whine. All is well. I will never--could never--write a book without a Happily Ever After ending. So I invite you to come along with Shae Lynn Montgomery and Captain Tristan Jordahl; Jolena Leigh Michaelsson and Mathias McGregor; Aliyana Montijo and Wolf Dircksen Van Ness as they undertake their various adventures and fall deeply and completely, in love.

About the Author:Debbie has always had a soft spot for fairy tales, the joy of falling in love, and happily ever after endings. She incorporates these aspects into all of the paranormal stories she writes. When she is not busy conjuring her latest novel, she spends time with the beloved members of her very large family. She also pursues her interests in family history and all things ancient and historic.

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