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Friday, July 13, 2012



I grew up in Wilmington, Delaware, went to Bryant College in Providence, R.I., and moved to Washington, D.C. My first job was with WTOP/CBS radio, in the promotion department. I loved the job, but was starving--living in Georgetown and attending drama classes, modern dance, and a few university courses was expensive.

My next job was at the United States Senate, a great place to work, in the heart of the nation's capitol. I was a Cherry Blossom Princess from the State of Delaware and helped organize the CBP Sorority with a few women who are still friends. I was a member of the Active Young Republicans, The Cliff Dwellers, The Delaware State Society and Bridge East and the Congressional Bridge Club.

I have been married for almost forty-nine years, this November. I've sold real estate, done everything from playground monitor to president of PTA at my children's school, love to cook and knit.

I am a charter member of Washington Romance Writers, have been a member of RWA since @ 1984, also a member of Desert Rose RWA Chapter, served as Published Author Liaison and on various other committees.

Years ago, when my reading habit became too expensive to support, and I hated to go to the library because I had to return the books after two weeks, my neighbor gave me two romance novels to read. I hadn't read a romance novel since Jane Eyre!
Then after I was hooked on them, I said, "I bet I could write one of these!" Seven years later, my agent put me together with Andrea Kent, and we wrote, An Obsession With Honor, a War of 1812 historical. We sold it in one week to Warner Books. The book was a huge success and RT named it second only to Fern Michaels as best collaborating team. Andi and I are still friends and living 2000 miles apart, but considering republishing Honor.

Songs the Soldiers Sang is my fourth novel. Besides Honor, I have published two Civil War novels, one romantic suspense, and last year I contributed a chapter in A Mother's Wisdom, a non-fiction compilation of mothers words to their children, edited by Cathryn J. Lombardo. I have written another suspense novel, completed a collaboration with another friend and now we've started our second novel together--both are contemporary.

I spent a lot of time visiting Civil War battlegrounds. Have experienced some very strange and powerful feelings that overcome me when I am at Gettysburg. My CW novels focus on the harsh suffering women endured, both in the North and South. I purchased a book in a Civil War bookstore years ago, about the invasion of the Sea Islands of South Carolina. Early in the war, the Union invaded these islands in order to approach and capture Charleston. All of the local men had gone off to war, leaving the women and slaves behind to fend for themselves. Fortunately, there was a storm off the Atlantic the night before the invasion and word reached the island that the Yankees were coming, and all the women, children and some slaves escaped by ferry or through the marshes by boat.

Songs the Soldiers Sang is a story about what happened to one young girl, Laurel Bray, and her mammy who were forced to live like refugees on the mainland of S.C. At the end of the war, when they returned to Beaufort, Laurel discovered her home had been sold and her father had never returned from the war. He was missing and presumed dead. This novel follows her search for her father with the help of Major Holt Flanagan, a Union officer. This is a tale of forbidden love, mystery and murder...


Ingeborg said...

I enjoyed reading more about you. Married for almost forty-nine years, wow.

Catherine Lee said...

From your picture, I can't believe that you've been married for almost 49 years! WOW! I smiled when I saw that you grew up in Wilmington. I currently live in Wilmington...NC. The 2 cities are often confused.