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Friday, April 20, 2012



This post is part of a Virtual Book Tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. Sharla will be giving away a $20 Amazon or BN gift certificate to one randomly drawn commenter during the tour. Click the tour banner above to see the other stops on her tour.

Woot! This is the last stop on a fabulous tour, and I’m thrilled to be spending it with you! I love that I’m ending with something fun. Personally, I always enjoy reading personal tidbits about the authors I read—brings them a little closer to real for me.

I’m about as down to earth and real as it gets, so I’m going to open the book of What You May Not Know About Me up and give you the top 10. I know many of you don’t know me at all…lol…but I’m going to try to dig up some things that you won’t even find online. Okay a few might be, but I’m really not that exciting or intense, so I have to get them wherever I can. :-)


1. Once upon a time, I owned an indie bookstore named Nooks & Crannies New & Used Books. It only lasted a year and a half, but it was the coolest place—very eclectic with little sitting areas I made with some used furniture, and big bean bag chairs and a homemade arch made by my dad over the children’s storytime chair. Broke my heart when it went under, but it gave me this writing bug so I suppose it served its purpose.

2. I really really suck at any sportish activity requiring aim. Bowling…gutter. Darts…wall. Pool…hit every ball but mine. I can shoot pretty well, but that’s because that’s just twitching my finger and because I’m from Texas. They kick you out if you can’t shoot. ;)

3. Nope, I’m not related to her.

4. Have anxiety on tall bridges. It’s not the height, really, although that’s part of it. It’s the unbalance I think…the angle of going up and not seeing the other side, just sky. I plan around them. *shiver*

5. I am a dog person. Through and through.

6. I have gone spelunking in a cave that no one knew about but one other person. It started as a rabbit hole under a tree…I kid you not…and went somewhere under a residential area in Austin, Texas. I scooted on my belly for what seemed forever, trying not to think about the things crawling around me, somersaulted through a hole, and ended up in a room the size of a house, with the most gorgeous untouched formations I’ve ever seen. I did this with four people, none of which had a camera handy, and I never saw those people again. I have no proof we did it except for the memory. And I’d never be able to find it again!

7. I like to write in longhand sometimes; it stirs up creativity somehow.

8. I nearly cut the tip of my right middle finger off when I was young, cutting up foam rubber into cubes so my mom could make homemade couch pillows from terrycloth towels.

9. I used to pretend I was the Bionic Woman when I was little, making all the ch-ch-ch-ch noises when I ran…in slow motion of course.

10. I really really love TV. DVR is the greatest invention ever created, and we live for checking out our recorded list every night to see what we have to watch. I have no inkling of what night anything actually comes on, because my awesome hubby sets all that up at the beginning of every season and I count on the DVR magic to make it all appear, ready and waiting for me.

Thanks for letting me babble!! Ask any questions you like—heck I told you about the Bionic Woman; what else could I have to hide? LOL! Hope you all enjoy the book!

About the Author:
Sharla once hunted for crab in a Honduran jungle, and explored an unknown cave on her belly through a rabbit hole. Not in the same night. Now, she lives in Southeast Texas by the Neches River with her family, an old lady dog, and 19 cockatiels. If you wonder how she writes with all that noise--the birds actually have their own house outside. THE REASON IS YOU is her debut novel. When she's not writing, doing the day job, or doing the family thing, she's stalking her Twitter feed. Sharla can be found at her website, on Facebook at, on Twitter at, and on Goodreads at

In the small river town of Bethany, Dani Shane never fit in. Being different pushed her to the fringes of society, and even leaving town for two decades didn't stop the talk. Now, with her sixteen year-old daughter Riley in tow, Dani is back in Bethany looking for a fresh start. Too bad her plans for staying under the radar are about to be thrown out the window.

Mischievous and sexy, Dani's old friend Alex still has the power to rock her world, but there's a big obstacle standing in their way—Alex has been dead for forty years. With a ghost popping up at inopportune moments and sparking conversations with her teenage daughter, Dani scrambles to find solid ground and get a grip—both on her sanity and her heart.


marybelle said...

This has been a wonderful tour thank you & I wish you well.


Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thank you for hosting Sharla today.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Marybelle!! I have enjoyed it! Looking forward to the fun discussion today...I told you my weirdnesses...tell me yours!

Catherine Lee said...

OMG...My fave tidbits are #1 and #10. Nooks & Crannies sounds like it was a great store. I love independent booksellers and try to support the local stores here in my town. AND, I am also a TV addict. I sometimes chuckle when I think of how much more productive I could be if I didn't watch so much TV!

And about the Bionic Woman...I always wondered why she had to put her hair behind her ear to use that super hearing. LOL! She can't hear through a little bit of hair??

catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

MomJane said...

crawling into an unknown cave would frighten me to death.

I have loved following your tour, and this book is still on my "to read" list.

Juliana said...

Thanks so much for the list and blog tour!

Mysti Holiday said...

Nope, I’m not related to her.


The cave thing freaks me out in a HUGE way. :::shudders:::

Hmmm ... something about me? I love rodents. I had rats as pets for many years. Mice, too. Would have them now, only my husband isn't quite as fond of them as I am!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I wondered when someone would pick up on that. My maiden name, and I've heard it since I was ten. :-)

I was 24 when I did the cave, that was 21 years ago and I was fearless and adventurous back then...not the same now. LOL!

Rodents? No. No. No.

Renald said...

No way would I do the cave thing , too many bugs. Thank you for the tour. DebP

bas1chs said...

Definitely 10 things I didn't know about you!
Thank you for sharing.
bas1chsemail at gmail dot com