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Monday, April 2, 2012



Over the years I've discovered something that surprised me. Well, maybe not surprised me as much as affirmed an idea stirring around for a while. But it took pictures of authors and their domains - office domains - and comments they made in written comments to convince me I was right.

Most romance authors, no matter the genre, love animals. Why did I reach that conclusion? They talk about their cats, dogs, horses, whatever. They have pictures of their pets in the offices, at their feet, on their web pages. And a lot of other authors are quick to offer sympathy when a novelist says a favorite animal has passed away.

So the next question has got to be, why do authors of romantic fiction feel just empathy for the furry little (or sometimes not so little) creatures? I thought about it for a while and decided it wasn't such a mystery after all. Creators of romantic fiction have compassion, are romantic in nature, generally are very kind and generous people. They are also, because writing fiction requires solitude, in need of someone who is not too demanding, usual quiet and satisfied to be near you without offering comments, or conversation. A pet - cat or dog, bird or fish, even a horse, especially if you are given to using your laptop outside - offer a comforting presence.

The next question is gonna be -- So okay, what kind of an animal do you have? To which I grin and say - animals. We, because my husband is more of a softee than I am, have three inside cats. Note, I said inside cats. Not too sure how many reside in the shed in back of the property, but we've named two of them, Fanny Mae is a regular visitor and Sneakers prefers to waltz in late afternoon or early evening. Our local Cat Coalition helped us catch them, so the vet could check them over, give them shots, and neuter them before they returned them to us. And my Darling Husband trudges out every morning to fill their bowls. They sure eat a lot of food. Of course we have Roscoe, the raccoon, and Oppie, the possum who also visit, and eat their share. I haven't tried to name the birds. There are just too many.

Back to the inside cats. Our oldest is a marmalade darling, one of the most beautiful short hairs I've ever seen with large almond colored eyes. Wally is a tuxedo, with enormous whiskers and was rescued as a tiny kitten from under the shelves of a big box store. Our last addition is half a silver point Siamese with a bit of tiger in her. She does like to bite.

And yes, they all try to help me write. But after all, that's what the pets are for, aren't they?

About the Author:
Award winning author, Allison Knight claims she's married to the world's greatest husband because he's her greatest supporter and works with her on all her projects. The mother of four children, she retired from teaching to move south to warmer climes. She has written and published nineteen romances for both paperback and digital publishers. Her third medieval romance from her 'song' series and a short story are available from Champagne Books, Inc.

Because she can never quite step out of teaching mode, she blogs often sharing the knowledge she gained writing and publishing in the romance genre. She also loves to talk about the growing digital market.

You can find her at:
She blogs once a month for The Writers' Vineyard,

Alwyn ab Brynn Ffrydd wants revenge against a powerful Baron without losing his king's support. What better way to exact revenge than to kidnap the Baron's long time mistress. But she is not what he thinks she is.

Shy, unworldly Milisent Mortimore has been confined for nine years by a brother who now demands she agree to wed a cruel, heartless man. Thanks to her father's will, she has the right to chose her mate or her spouse will lose her inheritance.

When Alwyn kidnaps her desires flares and together they must struggle against the treachery of Alwyn's current mistress, her brother and the man he wants her to marry.

In defying all three, Alwyn places his life at risk. Milisent saves him from certain death and together they celebrate their life of love.


ME! said...

Hi Allison

For some reason, writers and animals just go together. I couldn't be without them. Writing can be a solitary business, but how can you be alone when your kitty (or in my case, one of many), comes wandering in to sit on my keyboard, check out behind the computer screen, and then lay down and drape his/her tail across the keyboard. or better yet, retype some of my words for me, all garbled. LOL They just make me smile, and they understand!

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Very warmhearted and sweet. I believe we are all animal lovers. They bring out the best in us.

Melissa McClone said...

Enjoyed your blog. I couldn't imagine life without animals! Mine keep me company and are always there when I need them!