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Thursday, March 15, 2012


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Five ‘MUST HAVES’ in Paranormal Romance

Thank you for having me on the Long and Short Reviews blog today. Creating paranormal/fantasy romance is not only what I do for my day job, but a job I enjoy. I write several different series. All have fantasy and paranormal elements to them so the following five components are something I strive for in my writing process.

First: Well-developed male and female characters. Personally, I enjoy romance characters who deliver their internal thoughts with their external actions. I want to be inside their head. I also find that the more memorable stories include internal thoughts and dialog that don’t repeat each other but work in unison, ultimately reflecting a more complex individual. I’m talking here about layers, the reasons behind why the characters behave the way they do, why they want what they want, and what unusual circumstance might force them to change their minds or to never do so. For me, this isn’t about alpha characteristics but about what makes the character a unique individual. This is the basis on which to add supernatural powers, talents, and paranormal characteristics.

Second: Just enough details, but not too much. This follows the ‘everything in its own good time’ scenario. Even if the story isn’t a mystery, details should be delivered as needed not as wanted by the reader. Tension and pacing are everything in storytelling. We all have authors who we trust enough to deliver us a great story that we’ll wait until they offer explanations, even if they make us squirm to find out sooner. Sometimes that’s more delicious.

Third: Believable world building. For me, this means we should be able to see, taste, smell, and almost feel what the characters do. Especially if the surroundings or the paranormal aspect is unique (which hopefully it is). That means we see the magic evolve, experience the shape shifting fur or wings, and have a taste for the exotic highs and tedious boredom of an immortal’s life. All contribute to a justifiable suspension of disbelief.

Fourth: Lovemaking for a reason—an expression of loving desire. Lust is entertaining, but sex is different between people who love each other versus people who are just making a fleeting connection. Even if the characters don’t realize it immediately, there should be some discernible change or highlights that a reader will pick up on. Even in paranormal romance, the romance is still the key ingredient. First and foremost the romance needs to be well paced and evolve logically to be believable. All the rest of the story spins because the two main characters have a reason, a well-matched need, to be together.

And finally: A satisfying ending. Duh. But that runs the gamut and, unless we’re writing flash fiction, a little more is sometimes better than a little less. At least in my opinion. This is tying up the loose ends of the romance and the hanging threads for the story. Hanging threads for a series, which are usually obviously classified that way, can be addressed another day—though not forgotten.

You’re probably saying “but those are requirements for any good story.” Yep, they are. So I suppose the only real difference with paranormal/fantasy is a vivid imagination for things outside the realm of reality! :-)

Hopefully, I succeed with the above list in my stories. If you read Return of the Legacy, feel free to drop me a line at my website and let me know.

KH LeMoyne

About the Author:
A former technology specialist, KH LeMoyne now writes romance fulltime with series in urban fantasy, high fantasy, and scifi/futuristic. She lives in Maryland with her wonderful husband and corgi. Much to her dismay, she rarely encounters supernatural beings other than on paper. Visit her website: or blog:

Three magical dimensions…Two mystical bloodlines…One undeniable destiny.

Born a magical empath, Logan MacKenzie has spent his life protecting his family from discovery. Evil has found them anyway. What begins as Logan’s search for answers on Earth becomes a race for survival in the magical dimension of Loci. The battle to save those he cares about will reveal his true lineage—the bloodline of the Makir, one half of a pair of sentinels chosen to guard the mystical portals between dimensions. The price of his acceptance: a love he never imagined possible and a heartbreaking choice.

Her family attacked, her home destroyed, and now stranded on Loci, Briallen of Tir Thar, descendant of a magical race, has only to summon the power within her to return to her own dimension—or so she had hoped. Unfortunately, her powers aren’t cooperating, and the sorcerer bent on her family’s destruction will stop at nothing to possess her.

Raised without knowledge of the portals, the Makir guardians, or her own destiny, Bri takes a leap of faith in an alliance with Logan. Embracing an uncertain power and accepting his goals as hers offers her the only way home. If they fail, the consequences of allowing the portals to fall to evil are unthinkable—the destruction of every magical dimension throughout space. Warning: This is a fantasy romance, containing magic, love, and courage. The omission of vampires and shapeshifters is intentional.


Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thank you for hosting KH today.

MomJane said...

I love your 5 comments. I absolutely agree with all of them. I love trying to figure out what is happening by really following what is going on and not by having the clues given to me.

marybelle said...

Excellent points you made.

I must say, before I forget, I love your author picture.


KH LeMoyne said...

Thank you LASR for hosting me today!
And hi again, Jane and Mary.

Ah, the author picture. It sort of looks like me. The avatar builders let you pick so many options that it's fun to build a pic.

Karen H in NC said...

Just popping in to say HI and sorry I missed visiting with you on party day!