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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


If there’s one thing I’ve learned about relationships, it’s that opposites attract, but the connections between them are what hold them together. A little like magnets. The people are individual pieces, but when close enough, they stick together, and it’s not like those magnets don’t like being stuck. Quite the opposite in fact. Right?

So, does that really apply to people? If someone’s a complete opposite to another, and they know it, does the closer they get mean the more sparks fly, or the more synergistic the two will become?

Rather than guess, I’m here with Lexi Shepherd, now Fox, and Tripp Fox who are more opposite than anyone could ever guess, yet the two found a way to super glue their figurative magnets together.

Let’s see how they’re doing now that they can’t separate.

With pad and paper in hand, I sit across from them, the scent of coffee and pastries from Dulces, their location of choice, wafting in, around and through me. I’ve never been to a restaurant where the primary ingredient was sugar ... then again, that’s probably not true, the chefs just didn’t tell us that.

I digress. “So, Lexi,” I start as she sips from an iced tea, a sapphire pendant hanging around her neck, framed in by the ‘v’ of her shirt. “A few months ago, you were single and experimenting with a new line of business. Now you have a partner, in fact, one you can’t get rid of even if you wanted to. How’s that working out for you?”

She smiles at me, tilts her head toward Tripp, and back to me says, “Wouldn’t want it any other way.”

“Yeah? Because you seemed to fight it awfully hard. I mean some people who’ve heard of your story have even said you were so wishy-washy they wondered why Tripp didn’t just give up.”

Her head cocks toward him. “Do they? Really? Is that what they think?” she asks.

I nod.

“Well, yeah, that’s true. Actually, I thought he’d given up two or three times. I’m pretty sure Emma would agree with your characterization of me, too. I’ve always been that way. Stubborn to the extreme and burned enough to be incredibly wary.” She sips again, her hand sliding beneath the table, I assume to connect with Tripp.

“And you,” I say to the man with the cockiest grin I’ve ever seen. “You continued to pursue. A woman who clearly bounced away from you at every chance, who couldn’t say ‘yes’, and you kept after her. Why?”

He gives Lexi a small nod.

“Because something worth keeping is worth pursuing to the last possible moment.” His cheeky grin finds its way back toward me. “And of course who doesn’t like a great game of cat and mouse?”

“Okay, so you’ve admitted you expected not to be together, and yet you are. You overcame the ultimate paradox and according to some mythological force, you’re now stuck with each other no matter what. What happens when you can’t deal with the toilet seat up anymore, Lexi?”

She laughs. “I already can’t deal with that. But that’s not the point. The stars aligned in such a way that we were able to come together. After thirty years of not looking, but knowing who my celestial match was, don’t you think I’ll want to hang on to him forever?”

I have to give her credit, if I’d have to look for a husband for more than a year or two, I’d probably have kept the first one who could deal with me, too.

“Okay, so the myth was meant to keep you apart. Is there any way, ANY way in the future it could break up what you think you have?”

Tripp leans toward me, steel in his eyes. “Never.”

I’ll take that as a ‘move on, now’ kind of answer. “Now that you two are all squashed together, mythologically speaking, what are your future plans?”

They turn to each other, smiles building upon their faces.

“We’re going treasure hunting of course,” Tripp says.

“Treasure hunting?” I ask.

He nods. “What better way to test out how our combined skills work? She’ll find, I’ll ...”

“Not steal,” Lexi interjects. “There we have an agreement and since he can’t work without me and I can’t work without him, we’ll deal only with stuff that doesn’t cross the grey line.”

I don’t miss the roll of Tripp’s eyes, but the grin suggests he’s not about to contradict his new wife.

“So, I do have one question for you ... that’s kinda related and kinda not."

“Okay, ask,” Lexi says.

“Jill—” Tripp’s former fiancee. “Did she seriously accept her new guy and marry him in a total of seven days?”

Lexi crosses her knee over the other, hands as prim as ever in her lap. “Yes, she did. In fact we talked to her just the other day, and she’s as happy as can be. So is Jacob.”

“But it was only seven days!” Clearly, I still can’t believe it.

Tripp’s laugh fills the room. “And this is surprising given the Kardashians and most of the Hollywood A-list?”

Touche. “Well, that’s true. Okay. Maybe I can believe it.”

Lexi rubs a hand on Tripp’s shoulder, his arm snaked around her until they lean into each other, and he says, “One thing you learn when you have to beat Zeus at his own games is that if you find the solution, and it feels right, it is right. I knew. Lexi knew, it just took her a while to accept, and Jill and Jacob knew.”

“In love, nothing is impossible,” Lexi says and with a kiss to her new husband, the lights in the room flicker.

Just like they always do.

Because in their case, the magnets make the sparks fly.



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