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Thursday, February 16, 2012


I used to love winter--sledding, skiing, snowshoeing in the woods, ice skating--lots of fun.. Then I got old and creaky and winter is just a matter of being careful not to slip and fall on slippery spots. Except that to look out and see snow falling is still a thrill. It’s like magic how snow alters and changes the world from mundane to beautiful. If I had to plow the driveway or shovel the walk, maybe I wouldn’t feel this way--who knows?

Snow machines were not a part of my younger world because they didn‘t yet exist. But they‘re here now, with all the trails for them and the noise and the danger of your car hitting one when they cross the road to follow a trail... Yes, the trails run through the deep woods, but what are your chances of seeing a deer or hearing a chickadee? Snowshoes make no noise and you see and hear lots of wildlife.

I’m afraid I get a bit jaundiced when I go downtown and see all the snowmobiles lined up by the bars. Which accounts for why almost every serious snowmobile accident I hear about involves alcohol. Progress isn’t always great. So you can drink and drive a snowmobile without penalty--unless you consider death a penalty. Ah, but I don‘t mean to rant.

I‘m actually writing a winter-set story with snowmobiles used by the bad guys to threaten those in a snowbound house in the deep woods. The Viking is my snowmobile expert as he‘s used one everywhere from the Sierras to joyriding on the ice of the lower Michigan inland lakes.

I’ve not finished with that book yet, but I do have one coming out this month that has nothing to do with snow--Terror From Before, the third book in my DANGEROUS DARKNESS SERIES from Red Rose Publishing. Each book in this series stands on its own, though the four men in the series were a Special Op group who’ve returned to civilian like believing their leader was killed. Since he’s the hero of the fourth book, Stranger On The Shore, obviously he’s alive--but really strange.

Terror From Before: Discharged from a special op unit, Joe returns to the rez, unknowingly bringing deadly danger with him, peril he can't control.. Lena, the woman he loves, wants them to return the horror to the jungles of Central America. Native American lore is their only weapon. Will this be enough to save them?
About the Author:
Jane Toombs, the Viking from her past and their calico grandcat, Kinko live across the road from the south shore of Lake Superior in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula wilderness. If you include both published novels and novellas, Jane’s count is up to ninety published books, with more to come.
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It would seem to me that alcohol and any type of motor vehicle do not mix. debby236 at gmail dot com