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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Lovin’ the paranormal
Edenmary Black

I curled my feet under my flannel nightgown, mesmerized by the image on the television. The woman was about to walk down a flight of stairs and all she had in her hand was a candle, for heaven’s sake. Anyone could see that she was about to die in some horrible way, yet she just kept on descending, one step at a time, with that dumb candle. I couldn’t tear my eyes away! As she moved downward into the darkness, my dog snuffled at the edge of my nightgown. My mom slipped her hand over mine and shot me an I-don’t-know-what-she’s-thinking look, but the night had folded around our cozy house. We were safe inside. At the last moment, just before the monster grabbed her, a guy leaped out of the darkness to snatch the woman from death’s grip. It was a wonder he didn’t set himself on fire with the candle! Minutes later, I was being hustled off to bed, with a warning to be cooperative come morning or my mother would never let me stay up late on a school night to watch a scary movie with her again.

It happened decades ago, yet, the memory came to mind when I was writing my debut e-novel, Sanctum Angels: Shadow Havens Book 1. I might have written in any genre or sub-genre of romance, but paranormal called me like no other. So, what’s the endless attraction to the beautiful vamps and weres and fallen angels? For me, and maybe you, they’re exotic, like species from another realm that might just exist. And, they’re hot. The power they exude and the knowledge they must certainly have after centuries of living makes them so attractive that mortals are probably jealous. They’ll break your heart, save your soul at the same time and protect you even if you hate them. Well, many of them will, but there is always room for a villain, right? I mean, we need the evil bastard or bitch to round things out. Good thing our supernatural alphas love a challenge.

In the end, they’re like jumping on a roller coaster, knowing you’ll be getting off in a little while, safe and sound, laughing and breathless. Because the vamps and weres we love are safe. They’ll sweep you off your feet, but when the book’s over, your feet come back to the earth, eager for the next wild ride and waiting for the next book. What could be better?

Wait, you might say, don’t these things drink blood and eat people? Don’t they change into wolves? Indeed, they do, but frankly, I’d rather face down a whole bunch of vampires than hear that one of my loved ones is seriously sick. A good friend out of a job? I worry and try to help. A child with a weird fever awake at 3:00am? Yep, sleep’s out of the question, even when the fever cools and the child’s sleeping again.

So, maybe that’s the attraction. What keeps us awake at night isn’t usually what goes bump in the night. It’s about whether our loved ones are okay. I mean, really, really okay in the most important ways. When they’re facing danger, we’ll be shoulder to shoulder with them, even though it may be something we’re utterly powerless against.

Our super-hot supernatural beings seem to exist in a world where there’s a kind of balance between good and evil. The real world? Maybe, not so much. There’s not always a gorgeous guy stepping out of the darkness to save us, without burning the house down, although there’s a little of that woman with the candle in all of us. That’s what keeps us heading back to the bookstore or our favorite e-reader, for more of those oooohhh-baby-baby vamps and weres and daemons or whatever you like best.

I’m very excited about my debut release, Sanctum Angels: Shadow Havens Book 1. It’s the beginning of a journey and I hope you’ll come along with me to the shadow of supernatural havens, where not everything is what it seems. If you’ve read it or do so in the future, I’d love a review at B & N or Amazon. Readers may contact me at

Thanks for having me!

About the Author:Edenmary Black has been writing since she could clutch a pencil. She has always been fascinated with the mysteries of the paranormal and loves the question all writers answer when they pen fiction. For her, it's all about that magical, "What if?” When not working her keyboard, she enjoys long walks with her golden retriever, reading and spending time with her family, all of whom are male. She spends far too much on lingerie and is very, very weak for chocolate.

Sanctum Angels: Shadow Havens Book 1

Warning: The following work contains descriptive material and scenes of explicit sexual encounters between consenting male and female adults. It is intended for adult readers only.

When Priana Grey walks into a bank, she isn’t expecting to be taken hostage by a violent thief; nor, is she expecting Detective Joe Cafaris to offer his life for hers. The stepdaughter of fallen angels of the Sanctum, she has concealed her true nature to move among humans for years, but Joe’s courage astounds her. Although she knows that falling in love with a human is a disaster, she just can’t ignore what she feels.

Joe is a tough loner, cool in the most dangerous situations, but he’s not ready for the scorching desire he feels for Priana. He has a million logical reasons to walk away, but his heart wants something else.

Priana’s stepbrother, Keirc, warns that she’ll find only misery with Joe, yet he guards a perilous secret of his own. His lover, Iridea, is the daughter of Sebastien Galaurus, a ruthless vampire who leads the Demesne, a powerful supernatural haven quite unlike the Sanctum.

When a stunning crisis forces Priana into the heart of the Demesne, a maelstrom explodes in the shadow of supernatural havens on the brink of war, where fallen angels, vampires, weres and daemons call the shots and humans are viewed as critically frail - a place where men and supernaturals can die.

This ebook contains an excerpt from Chapter One of Sanctum Warriors: Shadow Havens Book 2, which has not been published yet.


Edenmary Black said...

Hi everyone,
Thanks for having me on LASR today! It’s a great site. I’ll stop by later to chat with visitors. See ya’ then.

Angela Kay Austin said...

Nice interview. Looks like an interesting series.

Edenmary Black said...

Thanks for the comment, Angela! You're welcome to read the Prologue and Chapter One at my website - Just click, 'Excerpt.'
Happy reading.

Debby said...

Congrats on your release. Looks interesting. I am going to take your advice to Angela and head on over to read the excerpt.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Edenmary Black said...

Thanks, Debby. Hope you like it. I thought making the Prologue and Chapter One available on the website would be helpful to readers who wanted to take a peek and see if the ebook was right for them. Enjoy!