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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


How Hot is Too Hot?

by Kat Martin

In the years I’ve been writing, I’ve been asked a lot of questions about sex. Is it hard to write a sex scene? Where did you LEARN that stuff? (To which my husband just grins). Unlike some authors, I like writing sex scenes. I like the challenge of making each one different and using the scene to move the story forward, or at least the romantic element of the story.

Which means each scene needs to be in the right place in the book, and the tone of the scene must fit where the couple is in their relationship. Some scenes, I’ve discovered, need to be softer than others. For some I need to ratchet up the heat. For example, hot tempers make for a hot sex scene. Passion and anger get interchanged and the characters get carried away.

If it looks as if they are going to lose each other, if something is tearing them apart, the word choices would be more poignant, the setting might include a storm, or a violent sea, something external that gives the reader a sense of what is happening inside them.

And the characters in some books are just hotter than others. Their sex drive is stronger. Which may sound crazy but makes a certain odd sense. A school teacher desperate to find her lost child would not be thinking of sex morning, noon, and night. She has other more important priorities.

In HOT RAIN, the characters, Jake Dawson and Allie Parker are extremely sexual people. Since Jake is an undercover agent but Allie believes he is one of the murdering drug dealers holding her prisoner, the tension between them runs high. Being onboard a yacht headed for Mexico, they’re thrown into close quarters, making the sexual heat also run high.

I loved writing HOT RAIN because it has a great deal of humor. Jake has had nothing but bad luck with blondes and now he is hot for another one. He’s sure Allie Parker is a scatterbrain, but eventually discovers she’s a whole lot smarter than he thought. It’s high action adventure and the heat is cranked high, too.

If you haven’t read HOT RAIN, it’s available with a gorgeous new cover and also out in e-book format. I hope you’ll watch for it and that you enjoy.

Warmest wishes,


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Cate Masters said...

I love romances with humor and adventure! And yes, that cover's a real eye-catcher. :)

Janet Kay Jensen said...

Not everyone can write believable love scenes. Good for you!

MariaBuscher said...

Wow, love that cover!

MomJane said...

I love the concept of the story, and I enjoy love scenes if they actually enhance the story.

Kat Martin said...

Talking about sex scenes can be an interesting subject. But then talking about sex is always interesting! It's funny because I enjoy romance novels without any sex at all. If the sexual tension is handled correctly, any romance can feel hot and be fun to read.
Love the comments. hope you like the book! Oh, and Against the Night is out end of Feb. JOhnnie Riggs, one of the hot guys in the Against series. warmest, kat

Paty Jager said...

I like humor and hot guys! Sounds like a great read.

Kat Martin said...

Paty-- hope you enjoy it! Against the Night, my next Against book, has those same elements. it's out end of Feb.