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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Stuff Your Stocking Blogfest: Nikki Duncan

Holiday Traditions

Every year, without fail, my kids come home with a project revolving around traditions. I have one sitting on my desk as I type this. Every year I write the same traditions and think about how we don’t have anything really cool to list.

Unlike Thanksgiving where the fun of watching the parade has come with hubby and me from childhood, we haven’t really passed anything on to the kids. Sure, I make the kids help clean the house before we decorate, but even that isn’t approached in any one way each year.

See, we do things like Christmas Eve at my mom’s and Christmas Day with hubby’s family. At Mom’s we generally have lasagne, but not always. On Christmas Day, the food varies every year and so do the people who come over – aside from hubby’s mom and step-dad.

For a while we stuck to the rule that if said step-dad didn’t wear his bah-humbug hat then he didn’t get presents, but the scrooge has gotten out of even that the last couple years.

One tradition we’ve, I’ve, taken to is that every year when I put the Christmas decorations away I leave one thing out. It’s always different and it’s always in a different spot than the year before, but it’s a little reminder of the spirit all year.

I do think this lack of any set traditions helped me identify with my heroine in TANGLED IN TULLE. She didn’t have any traditions to celebrate, and in fact got so wrapped up in the new chapter of her life that she forgot it was nearing Christmas until she began to see the evidence around her – things like fully lit trees. Lol

Who knows, maybe one day my heroine and I will both find a new tradition for the holidays that will get passed on to our kids. How about you? What traditions do you have or wish you could get to catch on? What have you or do you hope to pass on?

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About the Author: In between mommy duties, a demanding day job and volunteer positions she seems to be collecting again, Nikki Duncan writes romantic suspense and contemporary romance for Samhain Publishing. TANGLED IN TULLE will release on December 20th from Samhain Publishing. It’s available for pre-order from Samhain Publishing here and Amazon Kindle here.

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Unknown said...

I want my kids to keep the tradition of setting up and decorating a tree. Maybe they will want to do this when they arent teens anymore???


Debby said...

We have a tradition of getting stocking or as we call them Santa gifts. They are more fun than the other gifts.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Jean P said...

A tradition in our house is putting ornaments that have been handed down through the generations on the tree.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

GladysMP said...

Well, we do have traditions. After eating Thanksgiving dinner,the boys in the family decorate the yard for Christmas. My son puts the lights on our tree and I add the decorations. We always have a large real Christmas tree and we decorate throuhout the house, even the bathrooms. We do truly celebrate Christmas.

Cathy M said...

We always watch The Christmas Story the day after Thanksgiving, cracked crab on Christmas Eve and prime rib and lasagna on Christmas day.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Nancy G said...

The tradition in my family was always Christmas Eve at Mom's house, and a relaxing Christmas day at home. This year will be the second year without her physical presence, and the new tradition we started is to spend Christmas Day at my daughter's place-she fixes a big meal, and we all gather to exchange gifts and visit.

nancyg5997@ gmail dot com

Dawn said...

We always put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving and take it down on New Years Day...The same with the outside kids help their Dad every year decorate the outside, even now that they are grown Christmas is a fun time in our house...lots of traditions

Nikki Duncan said...

You guys all have awesome traditions!

Judith said...

Decorating the tree is a big part of our Christmas and remembering who gave us, or which country we bought, the baubles!
We are NEVER too old for a Christmas stocking in our house either, grin.

desitheblonde said...

wow sound like our family we had a big one ans still do well mom would leave a train some were in the house wrapped it was for the train that went under the tree and then we have to look for it so when dad put the train up it would have new thing on it
desi the

shadow_kohler said...

what great traditions! always something fun to look forward to! thanks for the fun!

Frank said...

How fun, Nikki! We don't have a whole lot of Christmas traditions, but we do decorate the tree every year together, letting the kids put up their own ornaments (ones they've made or been gifted). And we hold off on gifts on Christmas until after we've had breakfast and a re-reading of the original Christmas story (we did Luke's version this year; maybe next year we'll read Matthew's).

Hoping your celebrating was merry and memorable, Nikki!

--flchen1, using DH's account
f dot chen at comcast dot net

VampedChik said...

My family used to have alot of tradition when i was a child but now that I'm grown and all my sibling are out of the house we don't do them as much. One tradition that we still do is every year we'll make toffee and give it as a gift to close friends and family. Thanks so much!

Kathryn Merkel said...

In our family, the traditional breakfast for holidays (or anytime family comes for an overnight visit) is fried potatoes, biscuits & gravy. In fact, my nieces & nephews demand it. lol

drainbamaged.gyzmo at

Nikki Duncan said...

Sorry for the delay in getting back here with this announcement, but the winner of a backlist title (digital) from me is Shadow. Shadow, I will email you directly in a few minutes.

Thank you all for commenting and sharing your traditions.