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Friday, December 23, 2011

Stuff Your Stocking Blogfest: Ericka Scott

Christmas Traditions at Ericka Scott’s House

Around the Scott household, the weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas all seem to be jam-packed with Christmas parties and family get-togethers. Some years, we have too many to fit into two short days. Over the last couple of years, I’ve let activities crowd out some of our most memorable traditions. Not this year. This year, we’re having a real tree which we’ll decorate to the strains of NSync’s Christmas album (it’s tradition, you know). Then, we’ll gather around the fireplace to light our Yule log and eat sugar cookies we made to distribute to the neighbors as gifts.

These cookies are, in our eyes, masterpieces. No, they aren’t those gorgeous things you see in bakery windows, but have the quirks that our family is known by. We decorate Christmas fish, only one of which is given three eyes and made especially for our friend, Jon. There are some traditional shapes, stars and Santas, but you are just as likely to find rocket ships amongst the Christmas trees, a T-Rex waiting to devour the red and green bunnies, and there is always a haunted church cookie -- complete with sugar black bats in the belfry.

Given the oddities of our family, I guess it’s no surprise to find that my holiday tales aren’t full of Christmas cheer, instead they tout titles like "A Christmas Curse," which can be found in the Twas a Dark and Delicious Christmas Anthology and my latest, Tidings of Fear ( I guess I enjoy making readers shiver from more than just the cold.


A psychic, a skeptic, and a serial killer…

Psychic Lia Morgan sees portents all around her. Although estranged from her family, she joins the search for her missing sister. A simple case gets complicated fast when she discovers her sister’s plethora of secrets includes a son.

Professor Jared Trimble’s world has no room for paranormal mumbo-jumbo. When asked to consult on a case involving a series of crossword puzzles, he’s conflicted. Is he a suspect, or an investigator?

While Lia uses her physic gift and follows signs, Jared uses his wits and experience. When the two collide, passions flare and the final clue brings them both into the bull’s-eye of a serial killer’s target.
Check out the Free Reads Page on my website in December for our infamous sugar cookie recipe (it contains eggnog) and also one for a decadent chocolate Yule log (yum).

And yes, Virginia, there were once camels in California…

About the Author: Ericka Scott is a multi-published, bestselling author of seductive suspense. She's written stories for as long as she can remember and reads anything under the sun (including the back of cereal boxes in a pinch). She got hooked on romantic suspense in her college days, when reading anything but a textbook was a guilty pleasure. Now, when she’s not chauffeuring children around, wishing she had a maid, or lurking at the library, she’s spinning her own web of fantasy and penning tales of seduction and suspense. She currently lives in Southern California with her husband and three children.

Get a behind the scenes look at her writing and zany family on her blog at

She also loves friends, so come friend her at

She's also on Facebook at and Twitter @ErickaScott.

You can find out more about her books at

Leave a comment for a chance to be entered into a drawing for an e-copy of Beckon the Dark, a horror romance novella, and a print/autographed copy of Wild Ghost Chase or Once Upon a Midnight (reader's choice).


Jean P said...

It sounds like you have some pretty special and unique cookies at your house, it sounds like you have a lot of fun. Happy Holidays.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Debby said...

I love cookies but cannot eat them any more
debby236 at gmail dot com

Dawn said...

Your cookie making sounds like alot of fun!! Happy Holidays!

Brenda Hyde said...

LOL I LOVE your cookie choices. I really like baking but I am a horrible cookie decorator. Mine always turn out odd, and never like the bakery. I will now have to look for a fish cookie cutter after reading your post:)

I hope you have an awesome holiday season!

brenda at standbesideher dot come

GladysMP said...

Your stories certainly sound unique as does a haunted church Christmas cookie.

Merry UNIQUE Christmas to you!

shadow_kohler said...

Cookies, yummy! We make homemade sugar cookies. mmmm... Yours sound like fun to make. Thanks!
Merry Christmas!

DawnM said...

I have heard of camels in the US but I didn't realise it was in California, I was thinking Nevada. Learn something new everyday.

GladysMP said...

Have you ever attended a Cookie Trading Party? Your cookies would create quite a discussion. LOL

GladysMP said...

There are pies, cookies, cup cakes and all sorts of goodies still lingering around here to tempt one. Hope you had a nicc Christmas and I hope the New Year is a fortunate and peaceful one for you.

Frank said...

We didn't make many cookies this year (just a batch of oatmeal raisin) but did a few batches of toffee bark--not too easy to decorate ;) Hope your celebrating was merry and memorable, Ericka! Your stories certainly sound to be!

--flchen1, using DH's account
f dot chen at comcast dot net

Patti P said...

I made about 7 kinds of cookies this year and I have heard they are all pretty tasty. I love to bake but I'm not really big on eating sweets. My family says that is ok with them. LOL
musicalfrog at

VampedChik said...

Your cookies sound delicious! Thanks for sharing!

The Long and the Short of It Reviews said...

Ericka's winner was F. Chen. Congratulations!!