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Friday, December 30, 2011

Stuff Your Stocking Blogfest: Christine DePetrillo

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…To Be a Cookie
By Christine DePetrillo

Sugar, check. Butter, check. Eggs, check. Chocolate, check. Coconut, check. Rum, check…The list of ingredients is endless, but it’s one of my favorite lists to make.

‘Tis the season for holiday cookies!Every year, I tell myself to cut back. To just make a few different kinds of cookies. To not fill the platters to overflowing.

Every year, I can’t do it. I comb through the recipes and find all sorts of reasons to include specific cookies. So-and-so loves this cookie. It just won’t be the same without that cookie. How could I leave any cookie out of the festivities? It’s simple. I can’t. Here are a few of my favorite holiday cookies that I make every year:

Let’s start with the biscotti. A true cookie of heritage, no holiday cookie platter can call itself Italian with out this treat. I make mine with cranberries and dip half of each cookie in chocolate to add a little variation in texture and taste. I love stirring and soaking up tea with biscotti just to soften things up a bit.

Snowballs, or butterballs as some folks call them, are a great cookie to use for their ability to be popped right into your mouth anytime, anywhere. Sure you get powdered sugar all over yourself, but isn’t it worth the trouble for the buttery goodness, the sweet perfection? I think it is.

To me, macaroons add some class to a cookie tray. The way the coconut gets slightly golden on the lacey edges always makes me want to put on some fancy clothes and go for a waltz. Drizzling thin lines of melted chocolate over the bundled coconut really makes the macaroons look sophisticated.

Snickerdoodles. Well, “snickerdoodles” is just a fun word to say.

Snickerdoodles. Go ahead. You say it. Snickerdoodles. Bet you can’t say it without chuckling, and who doesn’t love a good, Santa-quality, belly laugh during the holidays? I put pure Vermont maple sugar from a company that taps my maple trees in my snickerdoodles (and yes, I’m going to type “snickerdoodles” at least three more times before this paragraph is done, so deal with it). Snickerdoodles are best served with a cold glass of milk, or is it a glass of cold milk? Hmm. Snickerdoodles. I heart snickerdoodles.

Finally, we come to the “adult” cookie on the tray—the rum ball. A holiday kitchen only gets merrier with Captain Morgan in attendance. He’s sexy, he’s devilish, and he makes a cookie every pirate would willingly turn over his loot for a taste. I roll mine in chopped peanuts, coconut, or chocolate sprinkles to offer an assortment of flavor pairings. Snickerdoodle. (Ha! I snuck that one in.)

So, I’m sure this year will be no different than last. I will once again make my ingredients shopping list. I will spend unnecessary amounts of money on said ingredients and trays and plastic wrap and ribbon and gift tags. I will bake, bake, bake until my kitchen floor as a permanent sheen of butter on it. I will inevitably slap my husband’s hand away from snatching samples, and I will love every wonderful moment of it.

The hero of my January Wild Rose Press release, ABRA CADAVER, is offered cookies by the heroine’s mother. Unfortunately, he is unable to eat them or anything else for that matter. I don’t think I’d last very long in his shoes.

Holly Brimmer never expected to be brought back from the dead. After a fatal car crash, a mysterious stranger gives her a second chance at life—but it comes with a price. To stay alive she must pay it forward, accomplish an important deed, thus making her mark in the world. Until she does, her savior is bound to her. Now she has a backyard full of dead bodies and one unwanted houseguest.

Keane Malson kills bad guys to keep the innocent alive, but he’s still a monster. Cursed by a witch moments before an honorable death on the battlefield, he’s lived thousands of years, roaming from place to place with no end in sight. It’s a lonely life…until he meets Holly. When a wanted man targets Holly, Keane will do anything to protect her, even if it’s the last thing he ever does.

About the Author:
Christine DePetrillo spends her days teaching children to love reading and writing and her nights writing about happily ever afters. She fell in love with writing the first time she held a crayon in her hand and realized the blank wall in her bedroom was full of possibilities. Since then, she has been mystified by the magic of words and enjoys playing with them every chance she gets. Visit me at or friend me on Facebook. You can also read my posts on the 4th and 14th of each month at the Roses of Prose blog at

Comment here today with the name of your favorite Christmas cookie, or anything else you’d like to say, and be entered to win a free e-copy of any one of my books, winner’s choice.Happy Cookie Eating!Christine DePetrillo


Debby said...

i used to love cookies but now am gluten free. Thoser cookies are just not the same. We used to make peanut butter whirls. They were so good.
debby236@gmail dot com

Christine DePetrillo said...

I used to make my cookies with as many low fat ingredients as I could, but one year I used REAL butter and now can't go back to the low fat way!

Mountain Laurel said...

Now you have me wanting to make some cookies! lol Happy New Year and thanks for sharing!

flchen1 said...

Ooh, I love Christmas cookies, Christine! I kind of love them all--the snickerdoodles, ginger snaps, sugar cutouts, wedding cookies... I'll happily devour them all! I'm intrigued by the sounds of your story! Looking forward to reading more!

Best wishes in the new year to you and yours!

f dot chen at comcast dot net

shadow_kohler said...

yum! love cookies! my favorite to make is sugar cookies. use frosting and fun! thanks for sharing! happy new year!

VampedChik said...

I can only pick one?! LOL It's a cookie i'm pretty much gonna eat any of them! :) Though I do have a fondness for snickerdoodles. Thanks!

wanda f said...

My favorite christmas cookie is a sugar cookie topped with cake icing mmm so good .I cant wait to pick up ABRA CADAVER it sounds like a great read.Happy New Year

Robin said...

I love Christmas cookies! Shortbread and fudge are my favorites, but year round I love snickerdoodles!