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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The First Call Did Not Result in Publication

The first time I got THE CALL, I was ecstatic. I had sold two young adult books. Received a partial advance. In a year, my first book would be on the market. Two years later, the company closed its YA line and with it, all of the authors’ books that were scheduled to be published were canceled, including the first of my YA books that should have been released the year earlier.

When I got Deb Werksman’s call from Sourcebooks, first, I had been getting a ton of telemarketing calls, so I asked if she was trying to sell me something. No, she said. She said something to the effect that she might even be interested in buying something from me. I make award-winning teddy bears, sell them all over the world, so I’m thinking is this a bear order? But then she reintroduced herself, and when she said she was an editor for Sourcebooks, it finally sunk in that this was a call about Heart of the Wolf!

Of course I’m excited, but then there’s the caveat. She loves the book, the world I’ve created, but is it original? I felt like I was taking a psychology test. If I said it was too original, would she think it wouldn’t sell? If I said it fit in with the rest of the werewolf stories out there, would she think it was not different enough?

When I had first written Heart of the Wolf, I hadn’t read anyone else’s werewolf stories. I had seen a couple of werewolf horror movies. And I had read Jack London’s Call of the Wild and White Fang, which subconsciously had given me the idea of the werewolves being as real as wolves behaved, only they would still have their human thought processes as well. It also made me view them as not all bad, or good, just like with humans.

Later, I had read some other werewolf tales when judging published author contests and found that my book was truly different. Some were historical. Most of the contemporary ones had vampires and gargoyles, and so many other creatures in the story I couldn’t begin to list them all. Most also had beastly-like wolves, not based on real ones when the werewolf shifted. They were strictly fantasy. Unlike mine. :)

I have to share what happened here when I was working at my library. A volunteer was asking me if my werewolf books were shelved under fiction or nonfiction. You see, the wolves are so real, who knows if the one who opened the door for you at the mall was one or just a plain old human?

So yes, they’re original, and that’s what I told Deb, and why. But it still wasn’t THE CALL. I had to wait for her to finish reading the book. If she didn’t like the ending, that was it. But if she liked it, she’d present it to the marketing board. And then they’d have to decide.

She did love the ending. She did present Heart of the Wolf to the board. They did buy it. And I’m now celebrating the 8th book in the series’ release, Dreaming of the Wolf. In 2008, Publisher Weekly named Heart of the Wolf one of its Best Books of the Year, and only 5 mass market romance books picked that year! Thanks to Deb for making that call!

I’m now writing the 11th book in the werewolf series for Sourcebooks and starting on the 2nd book in the new jaguar shifter series. I still get THE CALL from Deb, only now I know she’s not a telemarketer! And sometimes the calls are about editing changes, which means the book is well on its way to being a new release, too! Terry Spear “Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”


A fierce hunter…

Alicia Greiston is a no-nonsense bounty hunter determined to bring a ring of mobsters to justice. Her dogged pursuit of the crime family has forced her to avoid relationships—any man would only become a target for retribution. Luckily, Jake Silver is more than a man, and his instincts are telling him to stop at nothing to protect her.

An animal passion…

However, the mob isn’t entirely human either, and soon Alicia must flee for her life. When Alicia and Jake’s passion begins to spill over into their dreams, Jake learns he will have to do more than defend her—he’ll have to show his mate the way of the wolf.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Award-winning author Terry Spear has written a dozen paranormal romance novels, with over 60,000 copies sold. She received Publishers Weekly’s Best Book of the Year in 2008 for Heart of the Wolf. A retired officer of the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry is a librarian by day. She lives in Crawford, Texas. For more information, please visit

Two lucky commenters will win a copy of DREAMING OF THE WOLF. (US & Canada addresses only, please)


Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Thanks so much for having me here today! An update on the sales of the wolf series--it's now over 120,000! :)O See, wolves needed loving too!

Debby said...

What a wonderful story. Did your YA adult books ever get published? I have not read any of your books but I plan on changing that. Thanks
debby236 at gmail dot com

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Hi, Debby! Yes, The Vampire...In My Dreams came out with Samhain, and I've got a fae series out now that is selling like crazy! The Ancient Fae was just released. The Dark Fae is the first book in the series. :) And I have The Kiss of the Vampire out also. Lots more YA listed on my website. :) Thanks!

Dawn said...

Congrats!! I guess I have some catching up to do on my reading! Your series sounds great!

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Thanks so much, Dawn! I hope you love the wolves!

Barbara E. said...

I love Terry's wolf stories, and I'm looking forward to reading Dreaming of the Wolf.

Barbed1951 at aol dot com

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Thanks so much, Barbara! I'm thrilled you're loving the series!!!

Breila said...

I'm really hungering to read these books now, any of them; It doesn't matter which series. I'll take anything, lol!

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Thanks, Breila!

wanda f said...

Hi Terry just wanted to say I love your wolves these books are awesome .I cant wait to read Dreaming Of The Wolf.Happy Holidays .

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Thanks so much, Wanda!!! I hope you love Jake's story! Merry Christmas!

Jess said...

I can't resist a good wolf story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

jcross719 at yahoo dot com

shadow_kohler said...

Congrats on your releases! Ive been dying to read this book. Thank you for sharing! Wishing you a wonderful christmas!

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Thanks, Jess! I hope you get into the series. :)

Hi, Shadow Kohler! Thanks! Merry Christmas! :)

Frank said...

Glad that perseverance paid off, Terry--it's exciting to hear when that happens and inspiring, too! Looking forward to catching up with your series!

f dot chen at comcast dot net