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Friday, December 2, 2011



Hello, everyone! I thought I’d talk a bit today about friends, family, and the holidays. But first, I’d like to thank Long and Short Romance Reviews for having me here. And I hope you are all having a great holiday season so far. Even though it’s only the second of December, I’m sure we’ve all been seeing the signs of Christmas for a month or better. Hmmm. That could be an entire blog subject all by itself.

My story, Healing Love, came out yesterday as part of a two-story holiday anthology with another author, Lavada Dee. I’ve counted Lavada as a good friend for a long time. There are simply two many coincidences in our lives (like naming our children the same) for us to NOT be friends. This anthology ended up being one of those coincidences. When we proposed the holiday idea, then wrote them, we found the same very strong thread running through each story.


Family is everything for me. I’m blessed to be part of a large one. Five siblings, five children of my own, and an ever-growing list of grandchildren. There may have been times, growing up, when I didn’t agree with the whole “large family” thing, especially being the middle child. In retrospect, I had a great childhood, filled with a good amount of work, the right amount of play, and a lot of wonderful memories.

That balance is what we’ve tried to provide for our children. And it’s nice to see those same qualities being passed on to our grandchildren. It’s a good tradition.

The holidays are filled with family traditions. I grew up with a family Thanksgiving at my grandmother’s for about fifty people. And it was a sit-down meal. There were card tables all over the place, but we made it work. Afterwards, Grampa got out the slide projector and we got to kid our cousins (and they kidded us) as the photographs shifted from one to the next.

Christmas has always been big, too. For us, it meant a big breakfast after church and these traditions continue today. We all gather at my brother’s house for a large family breakfast and watch the kids open gifts. These are the memories that will always warm my heart. And this is the feeling Lavada and I have tried to infuse our holiday stories with.

What about you? Do you have a holiday story that makes you feel warm and fuzzy every time you think about it? I’d love to hear about it.

Holiday Magic
The Gift of Love

(a two-story anthology)

"Priceless Love" by Lavada Dee
“For Richer, For Poorer.”
Taylor Hamilton, dissatisfied with a life designed by her parents, attends a friend’s fall wedding and finds small town life agrees with her. The problem is, her wealth doesn’t agree with the man she falls for. Is their love strong enough to find a bridge of trust where money isn’t an issue?

"Healing Love" by Laurie Ryan
“In Sickness and in Health.”
Nicole Milbourne’s single-minded focus on a medical research career is thrown for a loop when charismatic Dr. Damien Reed shows her there’s more to life than studying diseases. Will an unexpected Christmas fill Nicole’s lonely heart and show her the healing power of love?


Debby said...

I love family at all the holidays. It makes everything wonderful
debby236 at gmail dot com

Laurie Ryan said...

I so agree, Debby. And thanks for stopping by!

Lavada Dee said...

Good Morning, They say write what you know and like Laurie, I know and love family.

Hoping all enjoy reading Holiday Magic as much as Laurie and I did writing it.

Laurie Ryan said...

Hi, Lavada! Family is what it's all about, isn't it? it was great when the stories both ended up with that same basic theme.

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