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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Guest Blog: Kimber An

A Love Story Or A Romance?
By Kimber An

I love both, by the way. But, what’s the difference?

It’s genre and you can read all about it at the Romance Writers of America website.

In a nutshell, a Romance must have a Happily Ever After ending, or HEA for short. Some will accept a Happy For Now (HFN), but most won’t. I’m one who does not like Happy For Now, as a matter of fact. I don’t see the point in being in a relationship if you know it’s not going to last.

I want True Love, baby, and that means HEA or

A Love Story.

The Love Story is true and transformative. However, it does not require Happily Ever After. The movie Titanic is absolutely one of my Favorite Movies of All Time. (I’ll list the others at the bottom of this article.) Titanic is powerfully romantic. The Poor Artist wins the Heart of the Poor Little Rich Girl from the Arrogant Rich Dude. And then he sacrifices his life to save hers, the Ultimate Demonstration of True Love. So, why wouldn’t Titanic survive the RWA cut?

The Hero dies.

I tend to write Love Stories, mostly because I write series. I believe strongly in Happily Ever After in real life (hey, 15 years and five babies for me and Hubby) and in the storybooks, but you can’t have the Hero and Heroine walking off into the sunset hand in hand at the end of the very first book or there’s very little to work with for the rest of the series. So, I resolve each book’s main plot with a promising twist, but my readers won’t see Adrian and Ophelia leave happily for college together (I write YA) until the end of Book Five. I think I’ll follow J.K. Rowling’s example and write an appendix after The End too.

In my new book, Sweet Bytes, Ophelia believes Adrian is dead. Her Oldblood bodyguard, Tristan Li (yes, he’s Asian American) helps her work through that grief and emerge at The End a much stronger person. In the process, he falls deeply in love and she eventually falls for him too. I won’t tell you exactly how it ends, but Ophelia ends up back with Adrian.

And about a decade after The End of the series, Adrian and Ophelia become the parents of a boy whom they name Tristan.

That’s all in my head, because each series is one big fictional universe. I see it all at once whereas readers see just parts of it.

So, if you read Sweet Bytes and you’re a little put off by no HEA, please hang in there. I promise you a whiz-banger in the end, ‘kay?

Kimber An’s Other Favorite Movies of All Time:

Dances With Wolves
The Fellowship of the Ring
Men In Black
Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back
Star Trek First Contact
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
The Princess Bride
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
The Ten Commandments
(Yeah, I know, but Yul Brynner is one of the greatest hotties of all time)
Here’s the Sweet Bytes blurb!
Ophelia’s escape from Martin, an Addicted Newblood, came at a terrible sacrifice. Adrian, the boy she loves, is now infected and hunted like vermin.
As her new Protector, Tristan Li represents the Oldblood determination to destroy Adrian, along with all the Newbloods, addicted or not.

In her grief, Ophelia hates everything about Tristan, until his subtle strength empowers her to resist being turned into a vampire by the High Prefect.

As Tristan helps Ophelia harness her empathic ability, his need for redemption rings in her heart. Her own strength grows, along with her passion for freedom.

The veil of mourning lifts.

The evil of Martin returns.

Ophelia seizes ownership of her destiny.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kimber An was seriously deprived of great YA stories when she was a teen in a small isolated town before the advent of the Internet and eBooks. Nowadays, she writes her own YA stories while wrangling four offspring with her pilot husband in Alaska.


Debby said...

This is a wonderful post! I need an HEA in my books. I can look around and see lots of other HFN instance so I want the HEA in my book.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Kimber An said...

Sometimes, I can only handle an HEA, like when I'm very emotional over my real life. And that's okay. That's what's great about the Romance genre. You can count on the HEA when you really need it.