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Monday, November 28, 2011


Good morning!

First, let me thank Judy for kindly giving me a chance to meet you on LASR’s guest blog.

I was born in The Netherlands. When I was eighteen, we moved to London, England. Later, I moved to Canada—a very interesting job offer—and I enjoyed living in Montreal.

Some four years later, I met my future husband, Arnold, at a party. He phoned me the next day, having had to jump through some hoops to get my phone number from the hostess… A year later, we were married. One son was born to us. I owned and operated an art gallery for twelve years.

After Montreal, we lived mostly in Victoria, B.C, but spent seven years in Ormond Beach, FL, for Arnold’s business. He was a truly fabulous man, who made every day of our life together interesting. I was desolate when I was widowed.

I did some internet publicity for Nina Bruhns, and one day Nina said, ‘You should write.’ I thought she was merely being ‘nice’, but she kept after me.

I’ll never forget 22 April 2002, when I sat down to a blank page on Word. Totally intimidated, believe me. And then, slowly, I began to type. That was at 5 pm. By 1:30 that morning, I had 15 closely typed pages (I didn’t know you could change the spacing) and when I read them over the next day, I realized I had discovered my calling.

My first publisher was Rose Brungard of Romance At Heart Publications. So far, she has published about 10 of my books. I sent a novel, Castle In Spain, to DCL Publications LLC and they accepted it. By now, they have published 33 books for me, two in print.

What do I write? I believe in writing what I know, and in stories that are sheer escapism.

Most recently, I have written a story for HeartSent Christmas, an anthology arranged by my friends Heide Katros and Diane Davis White. I also wrote a book, Golden Christmas, which Diane has very kindly published for me on Kindle and Nook.

I hope you, my readers, will continue to like reading my stories.

My books can be found at

and they are available at Fictionwise, All Romance eBooks, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Bye for now, KATE


Debby said...

You have lived in so many places. How neat is that! I loved reading about your trip to writing. Good thing you followed her advice.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Mysti Holiday said...

I wonder if it was a struggle to write in English? I'm assuming it's not your first language.

Kate Hofman said...

Thank you for writing, Debby. Yes, I loved living in several places, and I think it helps set the scene for my books. Remember, they tell you: Write what you know!


Kate Hofman said...

Hi, Mysti -- By time I decided to write, I had been living in England and Canada for about 40 years, and it had become my first language. I was fluent in English when we went to live there, so it has never been a problem.
You are right, though, for some writers it must be a stumbling block.
I am always surprised at the fluency of Vladimir Nabokov's work, yet when you heard him in an interview, he did not speak all that fluently.


Heide Katros said...

Kate, I didn't know that you blogged the other day. You are a fantastic writer. Golden Dreamer will put anyone into the Christmas mood. But you have so many more great novels to choose from aside from that. Good luck

Kate Hofman said...

Thank you, Heide! I am so glad that you, such an exciting writer in your own right, like my books!

I have high hopes for both Golden Dreamer and my Christmas novel, Golden Christmas!