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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Guest Blog: Julia Fellner

You want to write a novel? In English?”

That was the response I got, when I initially told people I wanted to become a writer. I suppose there were two reasons for their reaction.

First of all I was about fourteen years old, when I started to write regularly. My friends and family didn’t think anything of it and neither did I in the beginning. It was as if I had already subconsciously decided to become an author.

It took my mind about two years to catch up with my subconscious intent. When I was sixteen years old I finished writing Revealed, the book, which would later become my debut novel.

At that time I had no idea how the publishing process worked, so I did a lot of online research and eventually sent out query letters.

I remember how happy I was when Rogue Phoenix Press ( accepted my novel for publication. I also remember the surprise written on my family’s and friends’ faces because until I proudly announced I was going to be a published writer, they had had no idea how serious I was about my unusual hobby.

The second reason why many people acted surprised by my novel writing endeavour was because I was doing it in English. Why, you ask?

The catch is I have lived all of my life in Austria. Thus German is my mother tongue. I only started learning English at school at the age of ten.

However I soon fell in love with the English language and especially its literature. The first “real” English book I read when I was twelve years old, although at first it involved more reading of the dictionary than the actual novel.

In the end my stubbornness paid off. It was what caused me to eventually write my own English stories.

Looking back the most important lesson I learnt is a piece of advice, which I would like to give to any aspiring writer: Don’t let other people discourage you. If you want your dreams to come true, you must believe in them yourself.

Vampires, secret societies and first love - those are things that Anne Watson missed during her first high school experience.

Panthera Academy is not only a place for eccentric characters, but also the home of two secret societies, the panthers and the rebels. There Anne has to deal with midnight meetings, shocking confessions of dark secrets and mysterious deaths as she experiences falling in love for the first time.

Despite German being her mother tongue, the deep love Julia Fellner has for English literature caused her to write her own English novels.

She has been writing stories, first in German and then in English, for years.

Her debut novel Revealed was written, when she was sixteen years old.

Julia lives in Lower Austria and is currently studying English at the University of Vienna.


Debby said...

Great path in your writing goals. Thanks so much for sharing
debby236 at gmail dot com

Julia Fellner said...

Thank you, Debby. I am glad you liked the article.