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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ruby's Deadly Secret

Book Two in the Sheryl Locke Holmes Mysteries

Ruby's Deadly Secret by C.L. Exline

Mystery - Romance - Humor


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In keeping with the Halloween theme:

The house loomed ahead when Sheryl picked up her phone and dialed Jake's phone number. "Jake, I think Dot's been tricked, and she's at Bridgeside."
"You wait for me," Jake said.
"I'm almost at the house."
"Do not go inside. Wait. I'm on my way."
"I'll do my best."
"Sheryl, wait for me!"
"If Dot needs me, I have to go in. So you better hurry." Sheryl slipped the phone in her pocket and parked by the house.
Her heart skipped a beat when she noticed the front door was ajar. She got out of her car and slipped on her jacket. She knew it was a trap, waiting for her to spring it, and she had no intention of falling for the ploy. Except she heard Dot screaming. Sheryl raced up the porch steps and shoved open the front door. "Dot! Dot!" She listened, yet heard nothing.
 She remained in the doorway, feet itching to move, hoping Jake would hurry.
 Bloodcurdling screams reverberated from upstairs.
 Sheryl rushed inside and up the steps. "Dot! Where are you? Dot!" Silence. Not sure what to do or where to look, Sheryl waited on the steps of the second floor. "Dot!" Sheryl heard whimpering and with a sinking heart knew it was coming from the attic. Without hesitation, Sheryl made her way to the attic door.
 The whimpers were fading. "Dot! Dot!" Sheryl pounded on the door. "I'm here, Dot. Hold on, please hold on." She twisted the doorknob from side to side, but it was locked. In frustration, she kicked the door.
 She'd just slid her hand in her jacket pocket when she heard a distinct click. She turned the knob and felt giddy with relief. It was unlocked. "Dot! I'm here." Sheryl paused knowing that once she stepped inside the room, they would be trapped. A strange noise caught her attention. "Dot?" No reply, nothing except a strange squeaky sound.
 Sheryl hurried into the room and almost fainted. She stared in horror as Dot's body swung back and forth suspended from by a rope from the rafters. "No! You bastard!" On shaky legs, she hurried to aide Dot. She decided that if Dot wasn't dead, the least she could do was support her bodyweight until help arrived. She stood on a crate, wrapped her arms around Dot's body, and lifted. "Hold on, Dot. Hold on. Try to breathe." Tears burned her eyes and she closed them, wishing that Jake would arrive. Something dropped onto her foot, and Sheryl looked down to see an arm. She screamed. The crate rocked. She stumbled backward, falling to the floor. 


Jean P said...

I liked this excerpt, the bloodcurdling screams, the body hanging, is she in time to save her friend, all the unknowns.

Cassie Exline said...

Thanks. It's one of my favorite scenes in the book. Creepy old attic.

Na said...

I like mysteries and some suspense is always engaging. Thank you for the excerpt, I'm scared for Sheryl now and poor Dot.

Cassie Exline said...

Be afraid, Na, be very afraid. It doesn't look good.