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Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hello Again! I'm Diane Davis White and I'm here to say, I hope everyone is having a spooky  All Hallows Eve, and you've been chilled to the bones, thrilled to the loudest decibel of a scream, and happy to experience all the ghostly and frightening things that happen on the night of the dead and the undead--coming soon to your nearest neighborhood.

Many of my books are Historical Native American Romance and paranormal in the respect that they all have visions and dreams that become reality. And of course, once in a while a shape shifter ambles through a story, but briefly. I like to think of my stories as multi-genre, and include the occasional time travel.

In Moon of the Falling Leaves, a Lakota warrior/shaman has a vision that calls to him to help a white family. In Moon of Ripening, there are instances of ESP between the hero and heroine that keep them safe. In Moon of Hard Winter there is time travel, visions and ESP to titillate the senses.
So even though there are few things here that go bump in the night, the spell binding stories of love and danger, coupled with the use of dreams, visions and extra sensory perception, and other-worldly spirits should be enough to draw you into a highly thrilling All Hallows Eve.

Oh, and I have a fantasy ghost by the name of Sadie, The Shady Angel who is a fun, comedic character. She has appeared in several anthologies, but I'm in the process of creating a single title book involving my feisty red-headed ex-hooker angel.
In the first stories she was earning her wings. Now she has them, it's a struggle to hold on to them sometimes, especially with her strict and domineering mentor, Pricilla. Pricilla is as straight-laced as they come, and everything is strictly by the book. Her constant hounding of the hapless demi-angel she is supposed to be teaching, becomes a tug-of-war with every assignment. Sadie, though often right, is just as often out of her element and the pair seem to need each other, though neither admits it.

Coming soon to a Kindle book near you!
The Adventures of Sadie, The Shady Angel
Keep your eyes open! Sadie is coming soon to haunt you!


Jean P said...

Your books sound like really great reads. The Adventures of Sadie sound like it would be a fun story.

skpetal AT hotmail DOT com

Diane D White said...

Thank you Jean. I am working on Sadie's new book, and will let everyone know when it's ready! :) My other books are, of course, available now, so I do hope you read and enjoy them.

Happy Haunting!


Heide Katros said...

Hi, Diane, I am always intrigued by the Native Indian visions and yours certainly can send prickles up ones spine. I have a novel, too, that deals with visions LOL Bewitching Angel is available on my website. And not to forget the books for which you created some wonderful covers.

Kate Hofman said...

Heide - I have your BEWITCHING ANGEL and it is a fabulous book!
Now i have two writers to praise, Diane and you.

And Diane, you and I will be together in the HeartSent Christmas Anthology!


Diane D White said...

Heide Katros and Kate Hofman! Wow! You two stopping by has made my day. I think I need to mention the Christmas anthology, HeartSent Christmas. We had such fun writing those stories, eh? Next week we're blogging about them!

Thank you both for your kind words and I have to say, you write books books that rock my world.


Kate Hofman said...

You're too kind to me, Diane!
But you're right, we should tell people about the Christmas Anthology that Heide, you and I wrote.
Go ahead!