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Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's Still Tomorrow.

No Halloween would be complete without witches.

Blurb: Fired from her job, her apartment firebombed, and her small amount of money dwindling too quickly, Sarah ran. Knowing that the terror would follow, she took the only refuge available to her, an unfinished house she’d inherited. She didn’t know she would also inherit a long legged hunk of good looking man that would set off every buried desire she’d ever had. Her vow to never practice witchcraft again ended when the terror threatened Dem. Her enemies learned that like vicious dogs, they should have let the sleeping witch lie.

In this scene, Dem went to Eva for advice on Sara.

“What else did you see?” he asked, fighting the very thing she accused him of.
“I’ve already said more than I should have. She shut me off. You saw her do it when I asked her about her name. It was the same as saying ‘mind your own business.’ Are you afraid of her?”
“No,” he answered, staring into his cup of coffee because he had seen Sara shut Eva off, just not recognized it then, “but there’s something going on I don’t understand.”
“Ask me for a reading on you,” she urged. “That wouldn’t be violating her privacy.”
“It wouldn’t tell me much about her, either,” he pointed out.
“You’d be surprised.”
He leaned back, thinking to humor her. “Okay, what do you see?”
“A block.”
“Excuse me?”
“How do you feel when you’re with her—sexually?”
“Eva,” he pleaded in embarrassment.
“Nothing, right? Oh, don’t be such a prude. I saw a block on you last night, and if you won’t talk about it, I can’t help.”
“I don’t know that I want that kind of help,” he mumbled.
“Does it hold when you’re away from her? Spells like that do have a distance limitation. It isn’t like she…”
“Back up a minute. Are you saying she put a spell on me so I wouldn’t—you know, won’t when I’m around her?”
“That’s exactly what I’m saying. Think back to the first time you saw her. Did you notice any kind of hand gesture?”
Dem wiggled his fingers at her mockingly, while thinking what Eva said was just how it was. He also remembered how Sara had answered him the night he took her home when he said he wouldn’t try anything, like she had secret information as to why he wouldn’t.
“Nothing so obvious,” she said seriously. “It would have been subtle, something that looked natural.”
“She was just standing there with one hand shading her eyes from the sun, and the other shaking her shirt. It was wet.”
“When she dropped her hand, did it pass over her eyes?” She could tell from his expression it had. “That was it. She shut your eyes to seeing her—in a certain way.”
“Why?” he asked dubiously.
“She thinks I would hurt her?”
“Of feelings, Dem. If they were to develop and you turned away from her because of her powers, well, it would hurt, and there aren’t that many who wouldn’t run. My Freddy was one of those exceptions. You have the potential to be, you being here talking to me proves that, but most men, well, it makes them feel inferior.”
“What kind of powers?”
Eva shrugged. “The powers take so many different directions. I haven’t seen enough of her to know how hers manifest.”
“But you knew the minute you saw her that she was like you. That’s why you greeted her the way you did.”
“Oh, yes, her aura sparkles with it.”
“She does this a lot.” He showed her the fingers and thumb action. “Why?”
“Trying to work off energy most likely.”
“She shocks the shit out of me every time I touch her.”
“Fire is her element,” she repeated. “She could reduce that if she went back—oops, talking too much.”
“You’re thinking she was a practicing witch, but she isn’t anymore.”
“Now you’re closing off.”
“You’ve given me a lot to think about,” he said as he stood. “Can you take that block thing off?” Just because he didn’t like the idea of it.
“No, and it would be dangerous to try without knowing what incantation she used.”
“And she would just put another one on?”
“Possibly and probably stronger next time. There is one thing though, Dem. She’s fighting nature. The desire may weaken the spell and break it on its own in time, but the energy will transfer until then, seeking a release from behind the block, if there is an attraction. Do you fight?” Dem stared at her, so she asked instead, “How do you feel about her?”
“When I’m with her?” He shrugged slightly. “Like I’ve known her all my life, comfortable,” he grimaced slightly, “except when we’re fighting.”

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Na said...

Really liking all these witch posts :) Sara sounds like a character I want to keep reading about.

Debby said...

I like witches. Especially when they have cauldrons
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