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Friday, October 14, 2011

Guest Blog: Heide Katros

Hi everyone, I want to thank Judy for giving me the opportunity to blog on LASR. My name is Heide with an E at the end, which is the German word for Heather. I was born and raised in Saarland, which is close to the French border. Sunday outings were often to the Alsace-Lorraine area, because it was no more than an hour’s drive.
After I’d turned 13 my dad died suddenly and my mom moved my sister and I back to her home town of Heidelberg on the Neckar River. My novel The Cabochon Ring takes place there.

The move to Heidelberg was like being catapulted forward into another century. We started to attend dances at my dad’s fraternity, got to see live plays and concerts. Mom loved to travel, so one year we went to the Island of Rhodos in Greece and that is where I met my husband Mitch.

He didn’t speak any German or French and I only knew a smattering of English. He often says that ever since I learned to speak it fluently I haven’t shut up. He came to visit us a couple of times during his travels through Europe, and after that we had a long distance courtship. Oh, and the first time he kissed me was on the Scheffel Terrace of the Heidelberg castle.

I might never have come to America, if it hadn’t been for my mother’s friend who lived in New York at the time. She’d lost her husband and wanted to move back to Germany. She’d helped us survive during the war with care packages and my dad said that if she ever wanted to come back, she would always have a home with us. When Mitch found out mom and I were coming to help her friend pack up, he invited us down to Florida to meet his family. He had it all planned. He later confessed that he’d fallen in love with me at first sight. How he got through to my mom that she could leave me behind to attend school here, I’ll never know.

We married a year later and we have two great sons, Andrew and Hans and there are two wonderful grandchildren Alex and Anna.

I started to write after my sons went to college, and I could have had a contract with a major publishing company, who loved my novel Bewitching Angel. But…I didn’t know how to type and I enlisted the help of someone to type it for me. Well, to make a long story short, it never happened. I am currently writing my 19th novel. I indie published my last three, because I give talks and my regular publishers (I write for 2) were not willing to have print books made for me, and there were 150 red hat ladies waiting for copies. Those women are a riot. Anyway, I always write about places I have visited and incorporate real events and real places into my stories. Don’t Look Now came about after a visit to one of my favorite cities - New Orleans. The novel is as steamy as the city itself and as diverse as the people who live there. If you want to know more you can look me up on and I thank you for giving me this time.

Best regards


Heide Katros said...

Heide is a very talented writer and it is no surprise that she was featured in the New York Times affiliate, The Ledger in the magazine "Inside Polk" in the September issue. Don't Look Now is one of my favorites. Good Luck, Mitch
Have to post this upon request by Mitch :-)

Miriam Newman said...

Good luck, Heide. I loved Don't Look Now, set in New Orleans. Your travel background helps you to write some very interesting books. Travel to Greek isles, a marriage proposal on a castle terrace, no wonder you write romance! :)

Kate Hofman said...

I was happy to see you here, Heide.
Don't Look Now is a luminous book, and I wish it all the success it so richly deserves.
You write the most exciting romantic suspense!
I have all your books and love them equally -- well, perhaps a little extra for your French Louisiana nobleman, Alain...


Andrew said...

Great job mom !! one day soon someone will realize how great your stories are and use them for a movie. you certainly have a special talent for writing.



Debby said...

HI Heide, I enjoyed reading your post. It must be hard to move to a new country. I hope to get one of your books.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Heide Katros said...

Hi, Debby, thank you for leaving a post. I really think you'll love Don't Look Now, but there is Click, Click, Delete and Love A Stranger and they are all full length novels over 90,000 words and I have them posted for $3.99 on Kindle Amazon. Or check my web for some bargains. I came to America, not intending to stay, but I never looked back. This is my country and proud of it.
Best wishes

Lou said...

I am happy to say that Heide is a dear friend and I have read quite a few of her books and am looking forward to reading more. She is a very creative romantic writer, contemporary or modern, you never know what she will come up with next.. My favorites were Love a Stranger and Click Click Delete.
Heide is blessed with a great gift of creative writing.
Your Niceville friend,

Diane D White said...

Oh Dear! I missed yesterday, but have to say your blog is great! Love your book covers, too. When is your next book coming out, Heide, and what's it about?
Can't wait!
Diane Davis White

Heide Katros said...

Diane, I have an anthology coming out with you, in collaboration with you, Diane Davis White and Kate Hofman, and hopefully my Mystical Viking, a paranormal will come out soon as well. I am currently working on another romantic suspense. Make Me No Promises starts out in Nassau, Bahamas. thanks for asking, and thanks for making such neat covers.