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Friday, October 21, 2011


Thanks for inviting me to guest-blog here today. As a voracious reader all my life, I loved fantasy novels and after thinking up all kinds of stories in my head, I decided to give them a home on paper. Of course, this didn’t happen until my youngest child was in the sixth grade. My novel, Flame of Destiny, began as a vivid dream and evolved into a full-fledged book. Writing this story brought a sense of excitement that fueled my creativity and brought a new dimension to my life. I love being creative!

As I was finishing this book, I got the unexpected news that my youngest child had a cancerous brain tumor. This totally blind-sided my family, and as his mother, I wished in so many ways that I could take this burden from my son. After surgery, the next eight months of radiation and chemotherapy treatments were some of the hardest of my life, but there also came an outpouring of love and support that truly made this experience easier to bear.

I quit my part-time job to be with my son and spent a lot of time in the hospital. I found that writing became a way to cope with things I couldn’t control. Writing about characters who faced almost insurmountable odds quickly became personal. It was a time of reflection for my family, encompassing a sharing of deep feelings of love for one another, and putting into perspective the things that matter most.

At the end of my son’s treatments, he was given a clean bill of health. He is now ten years out, and he is considered ‘cured’ for which I am ecstatically grateful. Mundania Press has since published my books, Flame of Destiny, with the sequel, The Relic, released just a few weeks ago.

I have been asked many times why I write fantasy novels. I think it’s exciting to escape into a make-believe world with different forms of magic that bring new insights to the human character as well as obstacles to face. Fantasy allows the use of magic to overcome challenges, but also brings another dimension to good and evil. How one faces those challenges depends on their character. So even though my books are set in a fantasy world, they are similar to real life because all of us, at one time or another are capable of extraordinary things. That’s worth writing about. That’s real magic.

In Flame of Destiny, Callista is a strong, feisty young woman who is determined to find the man responsible for the deaths of her family. She joins the Elite Guard where her talent as a swordmaster earns her the highest honors at the Academy. Her first mission leads her into an ambush where her talent becomes manifest as a power only heard of in legends. Callista is saved from certain death by Justin, the kind’s errant son. They must discover who has betrayed them, and the extent of this evil plot. What is the price they must pay to succeed? (Rated Best Book by this site!)

The Relic continues the story where Flame of Destiny left us. Can Callista and Justin destroy what the wizard began…

To find out more go to and get the books! Both are available in print or E-book.
Best Wishes and Happy Reading!!


A long career as a wife and mother while juggling several part-time jobs gave Colleen the ambition to dream of being a published writer, where she could put her imagination to good use. Now instead of making up stories to tell her children, she writes books that as adults, they love to read. Hopefully you will too. She is the author of three romantic fantasy novels, Songbird, Flame of Destiny and The Relic, along with one contemporary fantasy titled Carrots…and more to come!


Debby said...

It is so tough when your youngest has a major illness. My 25 year old is fighting ovarian cancer. I am glad you had a happy ending. I am hoping for one as well.
debby236 at gmail dot com

ErinPascoe said...

I love fantasy novels and I am a big fan of all of your books! It was fun to hear how Flame of Destiny started with a dream! Keep writing!!!