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Monday, September 12, 2011


Write Your Heart

You've heard the adage… Write what you know. While I agree the adage holds some truth, that wouldn't be the first word of advice I'd tell a writer.

Just think… if everyone wrote only what they know, there would be no need for imagination. No need for research books. There would be no Sci-fi or fantasy. No daydreams.

The ironic thing is, two people who know about the same thing, (you pick the topic) would probably still see their truth of it differently. One of them might even tell the other that they don't know what they're talking or writing about.

Why? Because who we are, and what we think, skews our perception and causes us to consider things differently.

Think about what happens when the police asks ten people to explain what they saw at the scene of an accident. Usually, he'll get ten different stories.

My advice to writers is… Write Your Heart. Write with the mind, imagination and voice you've been given. Yes, you may have a writing twin, and your writing might be similar, but it's never completely the same. We all have a distinct and unique voice.

People told me that I should write like so and so, or write in a certain genre. Problem was… when I didn't write with my voice, my Heart, I usually didn't care for the words I put down on paper.

I believe my writing gift is a talent God gave me. So if I'm trying to write like someone else or the way someone thinks I should, then I'm not being what He created me to be. I'm not being true to my character. Trying to be what you're not, can be discouraging and push you into writer's block

Am I saying not to learn and grow from other people's criticism or ideas? No. But weigh what is said carefully, and don’t just change things because someone says you should. Or because someone doesn't like it.

There will always be critics. I know, I've had my share. Some of their criticism may have been deserved, but some came from people who wanted to change and perhaps control, who I was as a writer.

You're never going to please everyone, don't try. It can be tiring. Write Your Heart, and you're sure to have an audience of one, someone who believes in your story.


(And for me, I believe God, as well.)

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: After 20 years in Colorado, Tina Pinson resides in Mesa, AZ,with her husband of 31 years Danny, they have three grown sons, and are proud grandparents.

Tina started writing in elementary school. She enjoys many creative outlets for writing such as poetry, songs, and stories.

Tina has completed eleven novels. She has been a member of ACFW since 2003 and was a third place finalistin the ACFW Genesis Contest in 2003 (then Noble Theme) for her story Trail of the Sandpiper-Rescued. She was first place finalist in her category for the 2009 CWOW The Phoenix Rattler-Does Your Story Have Bite contest.

Tina's Novels Touched By Mercy and In the Manor of the Ghost are available through Desert Breeze Publishing. Coming Soon through Desert Breeze Publishing: When Shadows Fall Summer 2012, Shadowed Dreams Winter 2012 and To Catch a Shadow Spring 2013.

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Sue Perkins said...

I've read In the Manor of the Ghost and it was great. I really enjoyed it. Definitely a book to read when curled up with time to spare. As a fantasy reader I agree with your post, I couldn't do without my fantasy books.

Jenifer Ranieri said...

Well said, Tina. I think the phrase "write what you know" is a misnomer. It doesn't always mean, "write a woman's story about being a mom with 5 kids" (that's me). It could be applying the lessons from being a mom with 5 kids. There's not reason a covert operative wouldn't have to eventually deal with an uncooperative person behaving like a 7 year old. There! I've just written what I know...and exercised my imagination as well. :-D

Thanks for the inspirational post! Maybe I'll even get to write tonight! :-)

Tina Pinson said...

I 'm glad you enjoyed in the Manor of the Ghost. Think a lot of people write fantasy because it frees up some on research. Of course it causes a writer to have to remember every detail concerning their new world. I love fantasy too.

Na said...

It's so important that whatever you write about that it is interesting and inspiring to you. It will show in the writing. I read both realistic and non-realistic fiction and enjoy them both. What I want is a great story that will hold my attnetion. Great post.