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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Guest Blog: Pat Dale

Hi! Thanks for inviting me here today. I’ve been writing for fifteen years now, and in the last two have finally managed a degree of success in getting my books published. As my mate of forty-two years says, I’m an overnight success in just 5,475 nights. LOL

So, where did I land in the wacky world of publishing? Smack dab in the middle of the biggest shift since invention of the printing press, that’s where. But, you know, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now that I have eight books available either in print or in e-form, and another four due to be released in the next half year, I’m satisfied that I’m in the right place.

Don’t get me wrong, I lusted for those nice advances. Many of my friends were publishing books hand over fist, collecting advances, and enjoying life. But, they had to keep on producing books at an ever-increasing pace to keep the money coming in. After a while, it became all about the money; deadlines and the money. Their books generally disappeared from bookstore shelves in a couple of months, never to be seen or heard from again.

Enter the electronic age. Exit most advances, large or small. But, once my book is available online, it won’t go out of ‘print’ unless my publisher folds, barring unforeseen circumstances. So, my books that came out two years ago are still as fresh as the day I wrote them. And still as available. That’s my take on the fiction world we live in these days. Now, on to a subject I love to discuss.

Why do I, as a man, write romances? From the day I joined a chapter of RWA, I’ve been asked that question. Well, why shouldn’t I? The way I see it, there are two genders, male and female, and we can’t be both. Should love be the sole responsibility of one gender with the other absolved of obligation? I think not. Yet, that’s exactly what many women have done, perhaps unwittingly, in assuming that men ‘know nothing about romance’. They had better hope that is not the case, if they desire a romantic partner in life.

I cut my eye teeth reading classic romance paperbacks and reveling in the world-wise revelations I found inside those pages. But I did not admire the heroes that were prevalent in the day; strong, uncaring louts, who had to be brought to their knees by an even stronger heroine before they could become suitable love partners.

Oh, that stuff happens. I grant you that. But in the world I’ve grown up in, most of those jerks are not the guys who ‘get the girls’ in the end. Same goes for ‘cowboys’, in my estimation. Having spent years living on the high plains, I’ve known real cowboys and, to a man, they are not what is written about by most romance writers.

My novel, A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND, released by Whimsical Publications, features a character who’d grown up on a ranch in northern Nebraska. Cut from real cowboy cloth, he’s spent years developing his ‘spy’ skills in the service of his country, only to be betrayed by one of his own colleagues. Running for his life, he meets Laura Margolin, a TV jewelry diva, and his world spins out of control. Classic love at first sight develops between them as Laura experiences betrayal in her own world. A crazy patchwork develops as each deals with their own situation, and before it’s over, Laz will have died a hero’s death, Laura’s career will be toast, and they will live happily ever after. How could that happen, you ask?

Log onto my (Pat Dale) author page at,, or click on where the book is available in print or ebook, and read A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND to find out.

Have a great day, everybody, and happy reading!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: After a long career as a professional musician, Dale turned to the pen to craft over a dozen novels and he’s adding more to the list. The native Missourian traveled far and wide before settling near Kansas City to enjoy the scenic beauty of the heartland. Using musical rhythms and values, he writes in a style some call poetic prose.

Readers noted his bent for dark gritty stories when not in comedic mode, so he’s writing a mystery series that will give even hardy souls something to shiver about. Whether romantic comedy or dark drama is your cup of tea, Pat’s endearing (sometimes frightening) characters will lead you into worlds you might otherwise never have visited. So, pick up a Pat Dale novel and whisk yourself off for a few hours of fun fantasy reading.


Mysti Holiday said...

Pat, I love when I find a man writing romance -- it truly gives a different aspect to the books. I'm also intrigued by your blurb for "A Girl's Best Friend" -- will have to check it out!

Whimsical Publications said...

Dale is a remarkable writer. It is a pleasure and an honor to publish his works. He also wrote Crossed Lines in addition to A Girl's Best Friend, which you will have to check out at to see what I'm talking about. :)

Pat Dale said...

Thanks for your comment, Mysti. As for Crossed Lines, its the antithesis of Best Friend. A psycho suspense where romance lies hidden by the heroine's husband and girlfriend, until Jane takes steps to end it. While I'm in the middle of a new romantic mystery series, I've also been working on a romantic comedy I hope to have ready by spring.

Sharon Donovan said...

Dale darling, you know I think the world of you and your writing. Three cheers toyou for writing romance. You rock my friend!
Sharon Donovan

Romantic Suspense with a Twist of Faith

Kimberley Troutte said...

This blurb sounds great! Best of luck to you!

Susan Royal said...

Speaking as someone lucky enough to be married to a true 'romantic', I wholeheartedly agree with everything you say. Great interview!

Judy Winn said...

Loved this interview and the chance to "meet" you. From the friendly photo, it looks like you have a fun sense of humor. I look forward to reading your work.
Judy Winn

lionmother said...

Pat, I love romance and this looks like the kind I love the most. I don't know about the hero dying, though. I hope there is something more there.

Marlena Cassidy said...

I would love to read this. It sounds like a refreshing and different take on what can be a very formulated genre, at times.

Pat Dale said...

Thanks, all of you for your kind words. My new mystery series will be touted as romantic mystery because I center the stories on a pair who fall totally in love early on, and the ensuing series of events wraps around their relationship. Let's face it; I'm a hopeless romantic at heart.
And, Lionmother, without giving away the ending, the tag line says careers will be ended, he will die heroically, AND they will live happily ever after. HOw's that for a tease? LOL

Cheryl said...

Late to the event but lovely interview, Pat! It's always a kick to see a male romance writer.