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Friday, September 2, 2011


Thank you so much for having me as your guest today; I’m thrilled to be here!

One of my favorite movies is Romancing the Stone. It’s the kind of feel-good movie that I can watch over and over again. Of course, I dream of being a bestselling novelist like Joan Wilder. But beyond that, I just love Joan’s character and her idea of being a hopeful romantic. Joan longs for love and when she finds it, does her best to hold onto it. To nurture it and fan its flames. She believes in love.

To me, being a hopeful romantic means believing that love, true love, is possible, against all odds. In today’s world of technology and fast-paced lives, I read reports about people being lonelier and feeling more isolated than ever before. The very technology that is supposed to help us stay connected, leaves us feeling just the opposite. Isn’t that where being a hopeful romantic brings, well, hope? Being single myself, I can relate to Joan when she’s having a drink with her publisher. Where have all the heroes gone? I notice that people are more connected to their cell phones than to each other. An encounter with a stranger on an elevator is thwarted when he starts checking email or, worse, is wearing earplugs. Yet, I still believe in the power of romance to bring two hearts together. We just have to open ourselves up to it. Across countries. Across oceans. Across an iPad.

What does being a hopeful romantic mean to you? How have you found and kept romance in your life?

My debut novel, Finding Felicity, tells the story of Madeline O’Connor, who travels to Italy and finds herself in love with Anthony Lamberti, a handsome Benedictine monk. For Madeline, finding love when and where she least expects it changes her, and changes her life.

I hope you find yourself with Madeline in Italy this Labor Day weekend! Relish this last long weekend of summer and … be romantic!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Monica Marlowe is a lifelong reader and hopeful romantic. Her debut novel, Finding Felicity, was published by Eternal Press in August 2011. Monica writes stories about heroes and heroines who follow their heart, wherever the path may lead, knowing that the heart has reasons of its own.

Now available at your favorite bookseller: FINDING FELICITYBook Trailer:
Follow your heart ...


Debby said...

Good Morning! I am sorry but I have never read one of your books. I am so glad I saw this post. I will go looking because they look like perfect books for me.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Monica Marlowe said...

Thanks, Debby! Finding Felicity was just released in August and is my debut novel, so it's no wonder you're only discovering me now. Thanks so much for stopping by today and for your comment!