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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Guest Blog: Dana Pratola


Autumn is back. Though the leaves haven’t yet changed in this sector of the country I know it’s coming. I can feel the change in the seasons beyond the cooler days and crisp nights, beyond the back to school sales and the scent of wood smoke stinging the air. I feel it inside, like an energy building, the shift in gears that must happen in order for me to gain momentum enough to endure a long, and inevitably freezing winter in the northeast.

For me, Autumn is a time of hope, and more so than spring, of new beginnings. It’s taking on a manner of thought that enables me to appreciate the diminishing sunlight and the reemergence of pumpkin pie. If I go into it with the right attitude I can even look forward to damp clothes on the radiator, raking leaves and waiting in a long line on Thanksgiving Eve because I forgot a crucial ingredient.

That’s not to say that as a kid I didn’t suffer the “end of summer blues” like everyone else as September approached — I did. But I knew even then I would write romance, and what season better expresses the richness of romance than snuggle weather?

So while nature is pausing, sleeping around me, I know that if I maintain a positive attitude, I can make this season my most productive. And as summer slides without argument or lament into the sea of time, I watch it wave goodbye, and turn to look forward.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: I am a 47 yr. old mother of 3, married 25 yrs. The Lord is my Savior, writing is my passion and publishing inspirational books that show the grace of God is my ministry.

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