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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Working Characters

Working Characters

by Chelle Cordero

Many of my characters have successful careers and work they like, sometimes love. I’ve had characters who have saved lives, written about it, drawn pictures, investigated bad guys, defended the rights of the accused, and created hype. Some of the jobs were easier to write than others because of my own familiarity with the profession or thanks to the help of someone who actually walked in those shoes.

Lon Bartlett in Bartlett’s Rule was a successful columnist. “He is a pompous ass!”, that’s how Paige Andrews describes him. Lon brags about his exploits with the fairer sex and he’s built a reputation as a “real man”. Paige is wary of falling under Lon’s spell, she questions his attitudes, she condemns his sexploits. But, they have to work together.

Paige works in the public relations department of a well-known magazine. She understands how publicity works and how images are created. Still, she sees Lon and knows that is the kind of man she wants nothing to do with.

As a writer myself, Lon’s work appealed to me and of course I understood a bit of what it takes to be a writer. During my college years I did a short stint working temporary positions – it gave me several great resume starters and a good look at the business world. One really enjoyable assignment was in the publicity department at McCall's – I used my own experience working at McCall's as the basis for By-Lines Publishing, the company depicted in the book.

It was really fun to relive those years…

from the introduction of Bartlett’s Rule:

“He is a pompous ass!”

When Paige Andrews is given the assignment of courting a famous writer for the publishing company she works for, she meets and entices the sexy, charming and thoroughly dangerous womanizer, Lon Bartlett.

Lon immediately takes a not-so-professional, personal interest in the young woman and pursues her. Lon is thrilled when Paige finally succumbs to his charms only to find that her haunting past sets off a terrifying reaction. Lon learns a heartbreaking reality - Paige is a rape survivor.

Will Lon be able to change his womanizing ways? Will he want to? Will Paige ever learn to trust again? Can they learn to love and live, together?

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like Lon is going to need to grow up quickly if he is going to be the man she needs. I think they will help each other move on with their lives.

User1123 AT comcast DOT net

Chelle Cordero said...

Without giving the story away, I think that Paige does wind up being pleasantly surprised by the "real" Lon.

Thanks for stopping by!


ps9906 said...

Wow! What a difficult sounds like a great story.

Chelle Cordero said...

I tried to treat this topic as sensitively as possible. It seemed to be well received.

Thanks for coming by PS9906


Laura Kaye said...

Really intriguing, Chelle!

Laura Kaye
laurakayeauthor at gmail dot com

Robin said...

Very interesting excerpt!

Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

Na said...

I like that these characters are well-rounded and are defined by more than their love story. It's good to see working chracters which makes it a bit realistic however I don't want it to overwhelm the story.

Chelle Cordero said...

Thank you for your comments Laura, Robin & Na,

Na, that is a good point and I do put only enough of their careers, etc into the story to make their characters real but not to bore my readers with unnecessary details.


kaisquared said...

Interesting characters, look forward to reading this.

emmasmom AT wi DOT rr DOT com

MomJane said...

A different way to have people interact and yet fall for each other. Like the concept.